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You Have To Stop This By: Pseudonymous Bosch SettingProtagonistsAntagonistsProblemClimaxResolution.

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1 You Have To Stop This By: Pseudonymous Bosch SettingProtagonistsAntagonistsProblemClimaxResolution

2 Setting The setting in the story is in the modern day, and in the suburbs of a city and Las Vegas. However, the author never states exactly what time it occurs or the name of the city, just to maintain anonymity.

3 The Protagonist In the book, the protagonists, or good characters, are Cass, Max-Ernest, Yo-Yoji, and Pietro Bergamo, among others. These characters were the ones that provided the most positive impact upon the plot.

4 The Antagonists In the novel, the antagonists, or characters that are considered “bad” for the sake of differentiating, are Ms. Mauvais, Luciano Bergamo, and Lord Pharaoh. All of the previously mentioned characters provided major setbacks to the main characters.

5 The Problem In “You Have To Stop This”, the main problem is this: the main characters want and need to learn an ancient alchemical secret. But an evil organization, the Midnight Sun, also wants that same secret, and they are willing to do whatever it takes to get it. This creates some friction between the two entities, as the Midnight Sun has framed the main characters for breaking an unidentifiable mummy. In order to take them out of the picture.

6 The Climax The climax in the book comes when the main characters encounter the Midnight Sun in a final battle in Las Vegas. Cass, being the only one able to handle the knowledge of The Secret, faces lord Pharaoh, the ancient alchemist founder of the Midnight Sun. After being captured, the trio of do-gooders manage to give lord Pharaoh a piece of the time-travel chocolate that brought him to the present in the first place. Having defeated their enemies, they continue their quest for the Secret.

7 The Resolution The resolution in the plot occurs when the main characters defeat Lord pharaoh. Having stopped the only opposing force, they were free to learn the Secret, which Cass did. In the end, the Secret was a message disguised as a joke, used to discourage seekers. The trio learned the secret’s true meaning, however, and finally understood their quest.

8 Cass Cass is one of the three main characters in the story and also one of the perspectives from which the book is seen. She is considered a survivalist, meaning that she is prepared for any kind of natural occurrence. She was found lying at the doorstep of her mother’s house, where she was adopted. Cass is the only person considered worthy enough to handle the power of The Secret.

9 Max-Ernest Max-Ernest is one of the three main characters in the story and also one of the perspectives from which the story is told. He is a book worm type boy, always spouting random, often useless, factoids. He was previously diagnosed by his strange psychiatrist parents with almost every illness around, but has since been proven by professionals to be infected with none of them. He has developed a love for chocolate, which he previously could not eat due to his supposed allergy.

10 Yo-Yoji Yo-Yoji, or Yoji as his parents named him, is the third of the trio of main characters in the story. He is part of a band known as Alien Earache, a group he plays the guitar in with his friends. Soon after meeting him, Cass and max-Ernest learned that he was already a member of the Terces society, the secret organization designed to keep the Secret safe.

11 Pietro Bergamo Pietro Bergamo is the current leader of the Terces society, the organization dedicated to keeping The Secret a secret. He is the brother of arch-nemesis and member of the Midnight Sun Luciano Bergamo. He has a genetic difference in him that causes his senses to be confused, called synesthesia, which he used to good use in the circus as a child, where he performed with his brother.

12 Ms. Mauvais Ms. Mauvais is one of the current leaders of the Midnight Sun. However, it is she that is truly pulling the strings of the organization. She is an old woman, but due to the formulas of the Philosopher’s Stone she has made everything but her hands appear young. She is terrible and malicious, acting based on the influences of Lord Pharaoh.

13 Luciano Bergamo Luciano Bergamo is the evil brother of Pietro Bergamo and one of the current leaders of the Midnight Sun. He has lately begun to see the evil ways of his organization and attempted to rebel. But Lord Pharaoh cut his finger off to use on an ancient mummy that would tell him the secret. He then died due to a mixture of old age and blood loss.

14 Lord Pharaoh Lord Pharaoh is the original leader and founder of the evil organization called the Midnight Sun. He is neither a lord nor a pharaoh. He is an alchemist, a form of scientist who studies the Philosopher’s Stone in an attempt to achieve immortality. He found that in the time-travel chocolate, which allowed him to come to the present so that he could get the Secret.

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