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2 INTRODUCTIONS Mr. Decker Principal Mr. Schroll Assistant Principal Mrs. Weisend Counselor Mrs. Marshall Administrative Assistant

3 OVERVIEW School Day - 7:55 - 2:40 –May enter the building at 7:25; exit the building by 2:55 (no after- school care) General Information (lockers, lunch) Counseling Team Approach Five Core Classes One hour Encore Classes

4 1st Period7:55-8:55 2nd Period9:00-9:55 3rd Period10:00-10:55 4th Period11:35-12:40 LUNCH 11:35- 12:05 5th Period12:45- 1:40 6th Period1:45- 2:40 THE SCHOOL DAY

5 Appreciate Diversity Salad Bowl Approach Diversity Hallway Cranes Clocks Diversity Day We Are All In It Together!!

6 School Safety School Liaison Officer – Officer Mahabir Minimize doors open during the day to the school Guest Pass/Sticker Mandated school safety practice drills –Fire –Tornado –Crisis Response

7 LOCKERS Located as close to “team” as possible Property of the School Keep your combination to yourself and do not share your locker Few problems after the first few days!

8 LUNCH 11:35 - 12:05 All grades have their own lunch Lunch cards Hot Lunch Available –$2.25 - $3.50 (currently) Can bring your own Students must be signed out at lunch to leave Appropriate Behavior School Pay –pay & track online

9 Classroom Behavior Expectations I will come to class prepared!! Bring proper books, materials, and something to write with I will use classroom time appropriately, as instructed I will keep desks clean and free of writing or drawing; speak appropriately. Do not blurt out, make unnecessary or inappropriate comments I will keep the classroom, including the floor and your work space clean and orderly

10 Respect for Self I will always do my best I will positively participate in all classroom activities Respect for Others I will stay on task without disturbing or distracting others I will not use ‘put downs’ or harass others I will respect other people’s differences and opinions Respect for School I will raise my hand to speak I will enter and exit the room quietly I will complete all assignments on time I will actively listen when the teacher is speaking

11 ACTIVITIES 6 th Grade Team Events All School Assemblies Student Council Activities –Bowling, Skiing, Community Center, Splash Park School Parties –Dance, Basketball, Paddleton, Guitar Hero, Game Room, Swimming, Pictures, Refreshments Activities/Clubs/Presentations –STAND, Head to Head, Paddleton, 6 th grade Track Meet, Mile Run, Robotics, Forensics, Culture Club, Ping Pong, Yoga

12 Sports and Clubs Sports (7 th and 8 th grade) BoysGirlsSeason FootballBasketballFall Season WrestlingSwimWinter Season BasketballVolleyballWinter Season TrackTrackSpring Season Clubs(6, 7 and 8 th grades)Advisor (for 2012-2013) Science OlympiadJudy Morin You Be the ChemistParent Advisor Delta MathBrian Wynne Math CountsDiane White Head to HeadCarrie Keeley STANDRoxanne Weisend Yearbook ClubJeff Beckwith ForensicsJeff Hayes National Art Honor SocietyCarrie Keeley RoboticsArt Halloran Chess ClubPaul Schroll Yoga ClubParent Advisor Ping Pong ClubNate Swartzkopf Curling ClubMike Graves Culture ClubChris Sanchez Lacrosse ClubParent Advisor Equestrian ClubParent Advisor TennisTennis Center

13 Counseling Services Strive for academic, social, and emotional well being Encourage involvement M.E.A.P. (October) Transition talks at the beginning of the year

14 Counseling - continued Counseling Curriculum: –6 th – Bullying –7 th – Career Cruising, Anger Management –8 th - EDP’S, Reality Store, Sexual Harassment Tutoring – Key Club & Community Tutor Resource Individual and Group counseling Support to students, parents & teachers

15 “The Core” Math –Math 6 –Math 6 with extensions –Pre-Algebra 7 (cross graded) Science Social Studies (Western Hemisphere) Language Arts (English – blocked) –Reading –Writing

16 Elective Options – “Encore” Band (2 days) Choir (1 day) Orchestra (2 days) Spanish (2 days) Math Lab (2 day) Art (complete the schedule) Physical Education (complete the schedule – swim component/activity)

17 “Encore Combinations” Art/PE Choir/Art/PE Band/Art/PE Orchestra/Art/PE Spanish/Art/PE Band/Choir/Art/PE Orchestra/Choir/Art/PE Spanish/Choir//PE Band/Spanish/Art/PE Orchestra/Spanish/Art/PE Band/Spanish/Choir Orchestra/Spanish/Choir Band 2 days Orchestra 2 days Spanish 2 days Choir 1 day Math Lab 2 days

18 World Language Requirement Graduation requirement: Starting with the class of 2016, the State of Michigan will require that all students complete two credits of a world language other than English or demonstrate a two-year equivalent proficiency in order to graduate from high school. language/graduation-requirement/ language/graduation-requirement/

19 International Baccalaureate Life in an interconnected, globalized world requires critical-thinking skills and a sense of international- mindedness, something that IB students learn to know and understand. The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme is a comprehensive and challenging pre-university curriculum for junior and seniors recognized worldwide.

20 PARENT NETWORKING Parent-Teacher Conferences and Fall Open House Walk-through JPAC (Jefferson Parent Advisory Committee) Friday Emails Brown Bag It

21 Communication * Absence Hotline: 923-5873 or 923-5880 *Website: *Huskie Email: (sign up for Jefferson Friday Reminders)

22 ENROLLMENT/TRANSITION PROCESS School Visits (January) –Mr. Schroll Parent Meeting (January 22) February 15 - Course Selections Due

23 May 13 6:00 p.m. Family Fun Night


25 IMPORTANT DATES February 15- Course Selection Sheets Due May 13 - Family Fun Night (6:00 PM) August (TBD) - Orientation September 3 - Classes begin (tentative)

26 QUESTIONS ? ? ? ? ? ?

27 THANK YOU FOR BEING HERE! Please call the office if you have any questions. We look forward to welcoming you to the Huskie Family.


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