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Michael Ciardi 1/31/12 Photography P.1B. Colors aren’t necessarily what makes this a great photo, because in reality, it only has one major color scheme.

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1 Michael Ciardi 1/31/12 Photography P.1B

2 Colors aren’t necessarily what makes this a great photo, because in reality, it only has one major color scheme going on (various shades of blue). The amazing composition is it’s strongest point. The fact that the water slide twists and turns throughout this frame is what is most inspiring. It’s confusing but fascinating.

3 Color wise, this photo has a very minimal, yet interesting color scheme that captures the essence of that moment in time. However, geometric shapes were the first thing that caught my eye. This my favorite part of the photo and is it’s greatest strength.

4 The composition of this photo is what makes it most inspirational. At a first glance, you would never know that those are hanging dog tags. Perspective wise, this photo is unique. Additionally, the black and white adds somewhat of an eerie mood to the picture, making it much more powerful.

5 Moment wise and perspective wise, this photo is perfect. Freeze-framing one specific second, a tiny special section in the vast space of time. The inspirational composition makes me wonder what’s going to happen next.

6 Bright and vibrant, the colors in this photo are incredibly eye catching. The lighting adds a dramatic effect, creating a colorful highlight in a section of the hot air balloon as well as the silhouette of the people standing on the other side of it. The vibrant colors, dramatic lighting, and composition are what make this photo work best.

7 Composition wise, this photo is very busy and cramped. However, the lighting distracts from that and creates the illusion of a very empty and uninhabited atmosphere. My favorite part of this photo is the warm colors radiating from the sun, casting a warm glow on the cold dark surroundings.

8 The fact that I’ve always wanted to visit China was probably my greatest reason for why this photo was so inspiring to me. Composition of this photo looks very relaxing. The warm colors of the sky and the way the woman is sitting on the ancient bricks of The Great Wall confirm that feeling of relaxation.

9 Between the cool, relaxing colors of the night sky and the reflection of the mountains in the shallow water, this photo definitely leaves you with a sense of relaxation. Additionally, the perspective in which the photo was taken caught my eye. This man looks like he’s been traveling on that raft for awhile and is getting ready for the long night ahead.

10 The emotion of this picture definitely caught me off guard. While the composition and color of this photo may not be at their best, the faces and actions are simply priceless! Emotions and expressions alone make this a pretty enjoyable picture.

11 In this photo, the composition was definitely something that caught my eye. I really like how the photographer included the people on the ground as well as the lanterns floating gracefully into the night sky. Additionally, I loved how this photo had a lot of contrast between the dark night sky and the warm glow of the Thai lanterns.

12 The photographer of this photo did an excellent job at capturing the essence of the firework festival in Thailand. What amazed me most was how this photo literally pulled me into that exact moment. I could hear the fireworks going off and see how the confetti was falling around me. It’s as if I was standing right there, in that exact moment.

13 This photo definitely inspired me to go out and do another “matter of fact” photo documentary on a current social issue. I absolutely love how the photographer captured the hardship these people are going through at that moment. Rain is falling, they are soaking wet and must paddle to shore. Also, from looking at the absence of warm colors and seeing mostly grays, it can be inferred that it was a very cold day.

14 The cyclist in this photo looks very weary and exhausted as he is traveling through the empty streets of Tokyo, late at night. What amazed me most about this photo is it’s composition. The rest of the photo is dark, but you are still able to see the silhouette of the cyclist as the symbolic Japanese characters illuminate the background.

15 This photo definitely inspires me to travel to Japan. There’s just something fascinating and peaceful about those illuminated hanging lanterns. Composition wise, this photo is excellent and successfully captured the moment of peace within the small alleyway in the bustling city.

16 The perspective in which this photo was taken absolutely amazed me. Both streets in the picture seem to end, pointing at you, when viewing the overall picture from top to bottom. Also, the way the street abruptly turns around the building is fascinating as well. The black and white color scheme added an eerie, unwelcome feeling to the building. Maybe that’s why the person on the bicycle avoided it?

17 Reflections often seem to create an illusion of another world we, as humans, aren’t even aware of. The perspective in this photo is absolutely fascinating, in the sense that you can’t really tell whether the photo has been taken upside-down or where reality is actually located. The bottom of the photo suggests that reality lies there but the top of the photo gives us a clear picture and tells us otherwise.

18 The bright and vibrant colors of yellow, blue, and orange help portray this festive moment in time. Composition wise, this photo is extremely busy with it’s bright flashes of color here and there. However, it amazes me what kind of an emotion a little color can provoke in a moment of time.

19 This photo is just full of inspiration! What amazed me most was the specific moment in time itself. The fact that the photographer was able to capture the fishnet in midair as well as the frozen pose of the person who is throwing it is simply amazing. This, along with the dramatic, warm, lighting and contrasts makes this photo incredibly strong and definitely conveys an emotion.

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