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BY MAULIK PATEL CED, GPERI Computing Architecture.

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1 BY MAULIK PATEL CED, GPERI Computing Architecture

2 AOC and SOC Client Mobile technology can be implemented with Sometimes On Connectivity (SOC) to mobile devices or Always On Connectivity (AOC). SOC clients can work effectively in a disconnected mode and take advantage of wireless or wired connections when they are available AOC clients must be connected all or most of the time to be effective.

3 SOC clients Ability to store large amounts of data on the mobile device Data updates can occur when wireless, Internet dialup, network or desktop synchronization connections are available.

4 AOC clients Small amounts of data Require a wireless connection that is always on to be able to access data and the user interface, or screen image. Use a browser for application interactions. Internet-like HTML or WAP is employed by the browser to view web pages Need a wireless connection constantly

5 Architecture for mobile computing Transaction Processing environment – Mainframe TP monitor manages all the objects and connect through policies and rules. TP monitors also provides functions such as queuing. Application execution … etc. When world moving from mainframes to distributed system, technology moved towards two-tier client/server architecture. Network centric MC user three tier architecture

6 Three – tier architecture for MC

7 First – User interface or Presentation Tier  User – System interface, Device handling Second – Process Management or Application Tier  Business logic and rules are executed. Capable of accommodating hundreds of users. Final – Database management or Data Tier  For database access and management. This architecture is better for an effective networked Client/Server design. It provides increased Performance, Flexibility, maintainability, reusability and scalability.

8 Three – tier architecture To design system for MC, then system will be used through any network, bearer and device. To have universal access, it is desirable that the server is connected to ubiquitous n/w like Internet. Web browser is desirable. Introduce concept of tree-tier arch. Why it is require for MC is shown in the fig.


10 Tiers Presentation Application Data


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