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Introduction to Filmmaking. Now is a good time to switch off your mobiles.

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1 Introduction to Filmmaking

2 Now is a good time to switch off your mobiles

3 Ex.1 – ‘Who am I ?’ Take a large piece of paper Using the whole sheet draw a comic-style sequence – 3 cells max Theme ‘who am I ?’ Have a beginning, middle, end Make it outrageous, big & dramatic The story in images should make sense without dialogue


5 Ex.1 cont. – ‘Who am I ?’ Give your comic sequence to the person sitting behind/in front of you. Introduce yourself Insert big voice bubbles – and fill them in You are the new author of the sequence. Your interpretation needs to be very clear and specific


7 Pass on to a third person sitting next to you. They need to let you know if it makes sense Introduce yourselves & DISCUSS Then write your name on the top and submit

8 Who? Dr Greg Dolgopolov (UNSW) Course Coordinator Contact Details If you have any questions – come & see me Email: for an appointment or to discuss matters put UIBE in subject heading

9 Introduction to Filmmaking : is an introductory production course It is not really a theory course It is a pre-production course for developing concepts & the imagination Image & Sound literacy & experiment

10 Introduce some basic videomaking techniques and film grammar Generate a bunch of ideas and concepts for future development Fire up the imagination and provide a framework for realising your unique stories & concepts Develop a film & media audio-visual creativity -- working low tech & lo-fi Encourage creative collaborations & teamwork

11 Hands-on Introduce a hands-on approach to telling stories and exploring ideas: Prepare concept outlines, storyboards & soundscapes Introduce effective creative workflows Capture and generate images and sounds Develop documentary and cross-platform concepts Write a short script Become a script editor Design your project photo-essay Figure out production logistics & budgeting Work on an adaptation in a group

12 Figure out which is the best means of production and distribution Experiment with storytelling & image and sound production Develop unique content and challenging ideas for future production Idea s

13 Course Outline Photography & image literacy Film Grammar: framing, shots, camera Designing films for Sound and soundscapes Scriptwriting, Adaptation Portfolios

14 Assessssssment Photo-Essay (Solo) Due Week 2 Monday 4pm 20% A stills exercise using photos and your own voice to tell a factual, emotionally powerful story (2 mins) Exegesis (500 words) Submitted online on your portfolio website and as file on disk

15 Scriptwriting & Script Doctoring (Partners) You will need to write your own original short fiction film script Length: strictly 8 pages. Include a log line, synopsis and exegesis. Script may contain only ten lines of dialogue. It needs to be very genre specific You will also need to script doctor your partner's script - Write up detailed commentary & constructive feedback Submit your script and the accompanying feedback. Your partner submits their script and your feedback.

16 Workshop exercises & portfolio All course work needs to be presented and archived on your portfolio site This includes work for submission, your pre- production materials and a selection of your in- class workshop exercises.

17 Adapting a Classic (Group Production) As a group you will select, prepare for a pre- production submission a film ‘classic’ scene of your choice (5 minutes max). As a shot-for-shot remake you will need to stick to the script, the shots, the mise en scene, but you can change the meaning or the inflection. Alternatively you can adapt a literary classic – Focus is on pre-production materials and film style Individual Exegesis (500 words)

18 Portfolio Wix Weebly Wordpress Tumblr Put up a film on your site that is the ONE film you would recommend

19 Preparation If you have a camera enabled mobile phone or a digital stills camera or a video camera - bring it for the next few weeks Photo-essay/digitale – start thinking about a great idea Adaptation Proposal ideas now. What do you want people to think/feel/say about your idea? Figure out what you need to practice or learn in order to realise your idea Download – its FREE!!!!

20 Lars Von Trier

21 The Five Obstructions Doco or Experiment? Directed by: Jørgen Leth & Lars von Trier. Denmark (90 min) 2004 Director Lars von Trier assigns five different impediments to Danish experimental filmmaker Jørgen Leth. In each of the assignments, Leth is to remake his 12-minute 1967 film The Perfect Human


23 Reading 1: Andrei Tarkovsky Most famous Russian filmmaker since Eisenstein metaphysical preoccupations provoked ongoing hostility from the Soviet authorities Visionary approach to cinematic time & space. commitment to cinema as poetry

24 Sculpting in Time cinema's capacity for capturing time long takes that allowed time to flow through an individual shot. contemplative, imagistic style emphasised the integration of characters with the world around them, both through their positioning in the frame and through slow, probing camera movements. Stalker (1979)

25 Sculpting in Time Proposed a cinema based on the rapt observation of the present moment as opposed to a plot-driven preoccupation with what will happen next. Rhythm over montage Focus on cinema as art and not as message

26 Objectives To explore the creative and communicative possibilities of film, video and other audio-visual technologies Present a wide range of audio & visual examples, from cinema classics to the latest music videos and a range of short and experimental films Explore the creative potential of sound and image with an emphasis on film grammar, photography and the development of original concepts Act as a preparation for 3 rd year Video Exercise & provide a hands on approach to making sense of film theory

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