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M.A.I.N. Causes of the The Great War 1914-1918 Standard 10.5.

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2 M.A.I.N. Causes of the The Great War 1914-1918 Standard 10.5

3 Students analyze the causes and courses of the First World War

4 Vocabulary Militarism Nationalism Alliance Entente

5 Dinner Table Discussions MomDad GrannyGrandpa BrotherSister

6 Background Industrial Revolution Factories=More Goods Need Market and Materials Imperialism Race for Colonies World War I

7 What Were the M.A.I.N. Causes of WWI?

8 M.A.I.N. Militarism 1800s Growth of mass armies Acquire/Protect colonies –HENCE Imperialism Arms Race Between Britain and Germany

9 Dad What was the main reason why many countries felt the need to enhance their militaries?

10 M. A.I.N. Alliance System –Countries join together –Help each other fight Triple Alliance V. Triple Entente Austria-HungarySerbia GermanyRussia ItalyBritain France

11 Grandpa Where else have you seen an alliance system at work?

12 Triple Entente Triple Alliance


14 Alliance system of 1914

15 M. A. I.N. Imperialism Desire for a greater empire Race for colonies Competition Germany entered late in the game

16 Brother What were the “benefits” of imperializing from a European perspective?

17 M. A.I. N. Nationalism –Sense of Pride in Ones Country Guiding force:$uccess Interconnected with military and imperialist goals. War: preserve/heighten the power of their states. Austria-Hungary -nationalism? –Many minority populations

18 M ilitarism A lliance System I mperialism N ationalism Which pictures/cartoons correspond to the M.A.I.N. reasons for the World War I???

19 Grandma M A I N

20 Mom M A I N

21 Sister M A I N

22 Brother M A I N

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