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MARKETING MANAGEMENT 13 th edition 10 Crafting the Brand Positioning KotlerKeller.

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1 MARKETING MANAGEMENT 13 th edition 10 Crafting the Brand Positioning KotlerKeller

2 CHP: 8&10-2 Marketing Strategy Segmentation Targeting Positioning

3 CHP: 8&10-3 Positioning Act of designing the company’s offering and image to occupy a distinctive place in the mind of the target market.

4 CHP: 8&10-4 Choosing a Positioning Strategy Step 1. Identifying Possible Competitive Advantages Step 2. Selecting the Right Competitive Advantage Step 3. Communicating and Delivering the Chosen Position

5 CHP: 8&10-5 Defining Associations Points-of-difference (PODs) Attributes or benefits consumers strongly associate with a brand, positively evaluate, and believe they could not find to the same extent with a competitive brand Points-of-parity (POPs) Associations that are not necessarily unique to the brand but may be shared with other brands

6 CHP: 8&10-6 Consumer Desirability Criteria for PODs Relevance Distinctiveness Believability

7 CHP: 8&10-7 Deliverability Criteria for PODs Feasibility Communicability Sustainability

8 CHP: 8&10-8 Examples of Negatively Correlated Attributes and Benefits Low-price vs. High quality Taste vs. Low calories Nutritious vs. Good tasting Efficacious vs. Mild Powerful vs. Safe Strong vs. Refined Ubiquitous vs. Exclusive Varied vs. Simple

9 CHP: 8&10-9 Positioning: How many ideas to promote? Unique selling proposition –Four major positioning errors 1.Underpositioning 2.Overpositioning 3.Confused positioning 4.Doubtful positioning Developing and Communicating a Positioning Strategy

10 CHP: 8&10-10 Differentiation Strategies Product ChannelImage Personnel

11 CHP: 8&10-11 Product Differentiation Product form Features Performance Conformance Durability Reliability Reparability Style Design Ordering ease Delivery Installation Customer training Customer consulting Maintenance

12 CHP: 8&10-12 Identity and Image Identity: The way a company aims to identify or position itself Image: The way the public perceives the company or its products

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