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2 Filling Out a Job Application Form Make a copy of the original application to use as a rough draft.  Fill out your rough draft copy in pencil and make changes as needed.  Your final copy should always be done in ink.

3 Rules for Filling Out Your Application Form Never scribble out Never leave blank spaces  Use “N/A” or draw a line in the space to show you read the section and it does not apply to you. If the application asks for 3 references – then give them 3 references. Use blue or black ink ( Sometimes black is easier to read). Never use pencil.

4 Your Assignment: Sample Application Forms Use the applications forms given to do a rough draft Forms will be reviewed and returned to you with suggestions and corrections

5 The Job Interview Making an appointment How you should dress for an interview What to do and say at the interview

6 Making an Appointment Always try to make an appointment for an interview. If you have obtained an application and are just returning it to the business, you should ask if there is a time you could meet with the person in charge of hiring NEVER just hope they will call you back. Your changes of getting a job increase drastically if you have a chance to sell yourself to the person doing the hiring. Call and make an appointment for an interview even if you have to call 2 or 3 times.

7 How You Should Dress For An Interview MEN  Dress shirt, tie, sport coat  No gym shoes or sandals  No levis or t-shirts  No body rings or piercing  No extreme hair styles  No chains  No odd colors or materials WOMEN  Dress or skirt and blouse  Dress shoes  One pair of discrete ear rings only – no other body rings or piercing  Discrete necklace and only 1 ring per hand  No extreme hair styles  No odd colors or material

8 What to do and say in the interview Bring at least 3 copies of your resume Bring a black pen and something to write on Arrive at least 10 minutes before your interview appointment Have a good firm handshake LOOK THE INTERVIEWER IN THE EYE Show confidence NO GUM Stress your reliability “If I tell you I will do something it will be done” Don’t “Slouch”!!

9 Interview, continued Businesses are looking for 4 things when interviewing an applicant  Appearance – will customers be in any way offended  Personality – are you polite and friendly with a pleasant personality – do you like people  Communication skills – can you carry on a conversation – do you have the ability to help customers – do you speak like an adult not a teenager  Skill Level (example: computer skills, word processing, spread sheets, office equipment, etc.)

10 On the Job Strategies Keeping Your Job

11 Phone Etiquette NEVER make personal calls while at work  This includes family, friends, etc.  Learn how the business expects you to answer the phone and follow what they expect.  Also vitally important: Never allow friends to come see you at work. This is a big time no-no!

12 Be Dependable Be on time – all the time Never call in sick unless you are REALLY sick Employers need workers who will be there every day! They hired you to work – not to make their life difficult because you are not there. NEVER take advantage of a business NEVER steal from the business (even if you are planning to pay the business back)

13 Attitude ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING!! Always be cheerful – a good way to looks a job is to be a grouch. Do whatever work your boss asks you to do, when they ask you to do it Look for things to do – be a self-starter Never say anything negative about the business or its employees.

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