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Weather Review & Quiz 2 nd Grade Science Ms. Findlater Click Here.

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1 Weather Review & Quiz 2 nd Grade Science Ms. Findlater Click Here

2 Project Description PowerPoint is a Presentation software program. Each page in PowerPoint is called a slide. To go to a link or slide, click on the Blue underlined word(s). For the Quiz, just click on the Blue underlined word(s) that are your answer. Click here

3 Menu Review information in links 1-5. Then click Quiz 1.What is Weather?What is Weather? 2.TemperatureTemperature 3.PrecipitationPrecipitation 4.CloudsClouds 5.Storm TypesStorm Types 6.QuizQuiz

4 Review-What is Weather? Weather is what it looks like outside It can be warm or cool. It can be cold or hot It can be rainy, snowy, windy, cloudy, or sunny Watch Weather song video Click here to go to Menu

5 Temperature It is the hotness or coldness of an environment. Measured by using a thermometer Measured in degrees Fahrenheit and Celsius. Click here to go to Menu

6 Precipitation A form of water, such as rain, snow, or Ice(sleet or Hail) that falls from clouds to the Earth's surface. Click here to go to Menu

7 Clouds Clouds are a collection of tiny particles of water vapor or ice crystals. 3 main types: 1. Cumulus- white thick, puffy clouds 2. Stratus- even grayish clouds 3. Cirrus- thin, wispy clouds Click here to go to Menu

8 Storm Types Thunderstorms- a storm with lightning and thunder; sometimes produces hail. Hurricane- a large and destructive tropical storm with very strong winds. Tornado- is a violent rotating pole of air extending from a thunderstorm to the ground. Blizzard- is a long-lasting snowstorm with strong winds and snowfall. Click here to Menu

9 Quiz  The quiz will be eight questions long Click here to go to Question 1

10 Question 1 What is a large frozen raindrop created by thunderstorms? a)RainRain b)SnowSnow c)SleetSleet d)HailHail

11 Correct d.) Hail is the correct answer because hail occurs during thunderstorms. Great job! Click to got to Question 2

12 Incorrect Click here to Try Again

13 Question 2 Weather stays the same everyday. a.) TrueTrue b.) FalseFalse

14 Correct b.) False because weather does change and can be cold one day and hot the next. Question 3

15 Incorrect a.) True is not correct because weather changes. Try again

16 Question 3 What is this type of storm? a)ThunderstormThunderstorm b)HurricaneHurricane c)BlizzardBlizzard d)TornadoTornado

17 Correct d.) Tornado is correct because the picture shows the spiral image of a tornado. Question 4

18 Incorrect Wrong  Try Again

19 Question 4 What type of cloud is thin and wispy? a)CumulusCumulus b)CirrusCirrus c)NimbusNimbus d)StratusStratus

20 Correct d.) Cirrus is correct because cirrus clouds are thin, wispy. Question 5

21 Incorrect Try Again

22 Question 5 Temperature is measured by which instrument? a)BarometerBarometer b)Rain GaugeRain Gauge c)ThermometerThermometer d)Wind VaneWind Vane

23 Correct C.) Thermometer is correct Question 6

24 Incorrect Wrong Answer  Try again

25 Question 6 What cloud is pictured below? a)StratusStratus b)CumulusCumulus c)CirrusCirrus d)FogFog

26 Correct b.) Cumulus is correct because cumulus clouds are white and thick clouds. Question 7

27 Incorrect Wrong Answer  Try Again

28 Question 7 What type of storm has strong winds and snowfall? a)TornadoTornado b)BlizzardBlizzard c)HurricaneHurricane d)ThunderstormThunderstorm

29 Correct b.) Blizzard is correct Question 8

30 Incorrect Wrong Answer  Try again

31 Question 8 What type of storm is pictured below? a)BlizzardBlizzard b)TornadoTornado c)ThunderstormThunderstorm d)HurricaneHurricane

32 Correct d.) Hurricane is correct Question 9

33 Incorrect Wrong Answer  Try again

34 Question 9 The temperature outside can be cool, warm, hot and _______. a)ColdCold b)SaltySalty c)FireFire d)SweetSweet

35 Correct a.) Cold is correct because the temperature can’t be salty, fire, or sweet. Question 10

36 Incorrect Wrong Answer  Try again

37 Question 10 What weather condition is pictured below? a)SunnySunny b)RainyRainy c)WindyWindy d)SnowySnowy

38 Correct c.) Windy is correct Click Here

39 Incorrect Wrong Answer  Try again

40 The End Website info:

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