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V-shaped valleys.

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1 V-shaped valleys

2 V-shaped valleys Rivers work hard. They continually erode and move materials downstream. Running water has little power to wear away rocks. However, it pushes boulders, stones and rock particles along a river course. As it does so, the loose material scrapes the river bed and banks, and loosens other material.

3 V-shaped valley Mush of what is worn away is then transported by the river and put down somewhere else. In this way rivers wear out and deepen valleys.

4 V-shaped valley 1) river erodes downward.
2) the sides are cut down and attacked by weathering. 3) the loosened material slowly creeps down the slope by gravity or is washed by rainwater. 4) it results in a steep sided valley with the shape of a V.

5 Features of a river valley
Source – where a river starts Spurs – ridges of land around which a river winds. Valley sides – the slopes on either side of a river V-shaped valley – the shape of a valley in its upper course Channel – the course of a river River banks – the sides of a river channel River bed – the bottom of a river channel Load – Material that is carried or moved by a river

6 V-shaped valley

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