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+ Curriculum Vitae (CV). + What is a CV? The term “curriculum vitae” comes from the Latin Curriculum (course) and Vitae (life): The course of one’s life.

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Presentation on theme: "+ Curriculum Vitae (CV). + What is a CV? The term “curriculum vitae” comes from the Latin Curriculum (course) and Vitae (life): The course of one’s life."— Presentation transcript:

1 + Curriculum Vitae (CV)

2 + What is a CV? The term “curriculum vitae” comes from the Latin Curriculum (course) and Vitae (life): The course of one’s life. A Curriculum Vitae includes a summary of your educational and academic backgrounds as well as teaching and research experience, publications, presentations, awards, honors, affiliations and other details. It is similar to a résumé. It can be used to secure a job but it’s used primarily when applying for academic, education or scientific research positions as well as fellowships or grants (hint: financial aid for college).

3 + Objective + Requirements To prepare and format a working list of accomplishments and strong points for future education and employment CVs must be at least 2 pages. Subheadings with an asterisk (*) are optional for inclusion on the final product. You must include a minimum of 7 sections. The final product should be typed, professional looking, uploaded to and on time.

4 + Resume vs. curriculum vitae Content all- inclusive summaryarea-specific Length Short As long as it needs to be Purpose To get employment (or interview) To detail background and and qualifications

5 + Curriculum Vita (vitae) Note “vitae” (vee-tie or vee-te) is the plural form; “vita” (vee-tuh) is singular

6 + Why work on this now??? Time goes by fast… Helps you organize important things for your future career (which organizations to join; what is missing…. Assists in setting goals…. Assists in getting letters of recommendations or applying for other programs/committees

7 + CV section subheadings Personal Details Personal attributes and strengths Experience, skills, and language Achievements and honors Community Involvement Job History* Education, qualifications, and certifications Hobbies and interests References

8 + Using Action verbs Use action verbs when writing the phrases to describe yourself, strengths, achievements, etc. on the CV worksheet Action Verbs give your resume power and direction.

9 + Action verbs Management Skills: increased organized oversaw planned prioritized produced recommended reviewed scheduled strengthened supervised improved administered

10 + Action verbs Communication Skills addressed mediated moderated motivated negotiated persuaded promoted publicized reconciled recruited spoke translated wrote arbitrated arranged authored corresponded developed directed drafted edited enlisted formulated influenced interpreted lectured

11 + Action verbs Clerical or detailed skills dispatched executed generated implemented inspected monitored operated organized prepared organized prepared processed validated

12 + Action verbs Research skills inspected interpreted interviewed investigated organized reviewed summarized surveyed systematized clarified collected critiqued diagnosed evaluated examined extracted identified

13 + Action verbs Technical skills assembled built calculated computed designed devised engineered trained upgraded

14 + Action verbs Teaching skills adapted advised clarified coached communicated coordinated developed enabled stimulated

15 + Action verbs Financial skills administered allocated analyzed appraised audited balanced budgeted researched

16 + Action verbs Creative skills illustrated instituted integrated introduced invented originated performed planned revitalized shaped acted conceptualized created designed developed directed established fashioned founded

17 + Action verbs Helping skills assessed assisted clarified coached counseled demonstrated represented

18 + Reminders Use the fill-in-the-blank worksheet to plan your CV. CV is due by Thursday, Sept. 5 by 11:59 p.m. uploaded to A rubric is available on the assignment handout and website.

Download ppt "+ Curriculum Vitae (CV). + What is a CV? The term “curriculum vitae” comes from the Latin Curriculum (course) and Vitae (life): The course of one’s life."

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