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The world-wide known pop star and songwriter. JOHN LENNON.

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1 The world-wide known pop star and songwriter. JOHN LENNON

2 JOHN LENNON’S BIRTH AND DEATH John Lennon was born on October 9 th, 1940 in Liverpool, England. Liverpool has the largest Anglican cathedral in Britain but it’s the fifth largest in the world. He was raised in the shadow of this great cathedral. Mr. Lennon was sadly shot on December 8 th 1980 by a crazed fan in New York.

3 WHAT SCHOOLS DID HE GO TO? AND WHAT ARE SOME IMPORTANT EXPERIENCES HE HAD IN LIFE Lennon went to Quarry Bank High School and Liverpool College of Art. Met Paul McCartney Married Yoko Ono and had a son named Sean  His mother was ran over in front of his aunts house when he was seventeen

4 HIS ACHIEVEMENTS AND WHAT OR WHO INFLUENCED HIM He led the most successful music group in history and helped shape the music of the 20 th century He became one of the most influential people in the 20 th century and in history John Lennon wrote songs that connected to feelings and events in his life but the most influential people in his life were his wife Yoko, his son Sean and his life long friend Paul McCartney.

5 FACTS ABOUT JOHN LENNON John Lennon loved cats He had dyslexia The first instrument he learned to play was the harmonica He got his first guitar when he was sixteen His aunt Mimi Smith, his mother’s sister, raised him The first song John Lennon wrote was titled “Hello Little Girl”

6 WHY HE INFLUENCES ME John Lennon is one of the most important people in history in my opinion. He influenced billions around the world and still does through his music today. Not many musicians leave that kind of legacy behind when they leave this world. His dreams of peace, his wisdom, and way with words inspire me and when I give people advice I try to be a John Lennon, this is my way of saying wise and that it comes from my own personal experiences and thoughts. I can only hope to have that kind of impact on the world some day or at least inspire some people.

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