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ROUGH CUT QUESTIONNAIRE FEEDBACK XO PRODUCTIONS. 1. DID YOU LIKE THE SHORT FILM TURN TABLES? Summary: From our questionnaire you can see that the majority.

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2 1. DID YOU LIKE THE SHORT FILM TURN TABLES? Summary: From our questionnaire you can see that the majority of our audience from the screening said that they liked our short film and one person said that they liked some of it. Overall we think that this is a big complement and it shows that people have enjoyed our narrative and the story we created.

3 2. ARE THERE ANY APPROPRIATE CUTS OR CHANGES YOU WOULD MAKE? People that said yes suggested: A few tweaks could be made. Make the link between the characters more clear. The part where someone shouts action. Only to make sure more is known about the kidknapper. Summary: As you can see from this question 8 out of the 11 people we screened our film to said that they wouldn’t make any cuts or changes to our film. Out of the three no’s we got most people suggested making the story between the two characters clearer. We have taken this on board and have decided to add flashbacks of pictures of the two girls together to show there previous friendship. We also noticed when watching it back that you can hear someone shout action so we will make the appropriate cut to get rid of this.

4 3. WOULD YOU LIKE TO HAVE SEEN MORE OF SOMETHING, IF SO WHAT? The people that said yes suggested: More of a chase scene. She shouldn’t run past her when she escapes car, see more of friendship and boy. I would have liked to see more of the friendship and boy involved in their relationship. More of the friendship. A flashback of the relationship that she refers to at the beginning of the film More background information on the feud. Summary: From looking at the feedback from this question most our the people suggested that we add a few things to our film to make it even better for the audience. Again most people said they wanted to see the friendship and the background on the argument. However we feel that the friendship is the most important part of the story so wanted to focus on that and the fight scene instead to dwelling too much on the boy that came in between them.

5 4. WHAT WERE YOU HIGHLIGHTS OF THE FILM? (PLEASE LIST) Starting scene The kidnapping. The kidnapping scene. The good use of shots. Fight/chase. The climax. The tension being built - The car following the girl. I liked how the start was edited, created tension and made the tone. Good shot variety, particularly at the beginning. Acting was good. Rachel getting out the boot (or falling over) The suspense, use of shots – over the shoulder. The music subtle not to hint to shocking ending. Framing – Interesting, adds suspense. Summary: From this question we tried to get a sense of what our audience enjoyed most out of our short film experience and quiet a few said the build up and fight scene. This shows that the audience felt the build up and liked the suspense and tension we created.A few people also said we used a good variety of shots showing that they helped show what was happening and built up the suspense.

6 5. WERE THERE ANY PARTICULAR MOMENTS WHERE YOU FEEL CONFUSED OR LOST IN THE STORY/PLOT? People that stated yes said: At the end when she was looking at the grave. Didn't understand the ending till explained. End bit but then it clicked. At the end. Confused – didn’t understand the ending. At the beginning because the relationship between the two girls is not completely clear. When the whole car boot and forest scene happened, just didn’t really get it. Why did she run past a bat woman who was stood still. A little bit towards the end and why Rachel got kidnapped. Some people may have been confused why the main character got kidnapped, possible voice over, radio report to explain. Summary: From this question you can see that our audience found some of our story confusing. Most of them said that they didn’t understand the ending so we think that adding the flashback images so you can see the two girls friendships and turning up the radio voice over bit so you can hear that the other girl was found dead in the forest will clear things up a bit. However one of the people that said no to this question said it was self explanatory so we may also think it’s down to peoples grasp at understanding plots.

7 6. HOW WOULD YOU RATE THE FOLLOWING ELEMENTS? (1 = EXCELLENT 5 = POOR) The beginning1’s = 32’s = 63’s = 24’s = 05’s = 0 The drama1’s = 32’s = 53’s = 14’s = 25’s = 0 The music 1’s = 72’s = 43’s = 04’s = 05’s = 0 The twist1’s = 22’s = 33’s = 54’s = 15’s = 0 The plot 1’s = 32’s = 23’s = 64’s = 05’s = 0 The ending1’s = 42’s = 23’s = 44’s = 15’s = 0 Summary: From this question you can see that we got the highest score for out music which suggests that the music built it up at the right time for the climax of the action. We also then got a high score for the beginning sequence which suggests the setting of the story was good. We got our lowest score for our twist which we as a group thought would be unexpected for our audience. However because they also watched our animatic they might have already been expecting it.

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