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“T” TermsMore “T” Terms “U” Terms “V-Z” Terms Random People Random Movements $100 $200 $300 $400 $500.

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3 “T” TermsMore “T” Terms “U” Terms “V-Z” Terms Random People Random Movements $100 $200 $300 $400 $500

4 Person who betrays his or her country.

5 Traitor

6 Communication device that sends electrical signals along a wire. The signals are decoded in to words using a code language developed by Samuel Morse.

7 Telegraph

8 A 1773 law that let the British East India Co. bypass tea merchants and sell directly to colonists.

9 Tea Act

10 Forced journey of Indians from Georgia to a region west of the Mississippi River during which thousands of Indians died.

11 Trail of Tears

12 Agreement at the Constitutional Convention that said 3/5ths of slaves could count toward population.

13 3/5ths Compromise

14 A tax on imports

15 Tariff

16 Colonial trade route between New England, the West Indies and Africa.

17 Triangular Trade

18 Campaign against the sale and use of alcohol.

19 Temperance Movement

20 1767 law that taxed glass, paper lead, paint and tea.

21 Townshend Acts

22 1828 tariff that favored the manufacturing North but hurt farmers in the South.

23 Tariff of Abominations

24 Not allowed by the Constitution.

25 Unconstitutional

26 Process of a populations shift from farms to cities.

27 Urbanization

28 Network of abolitionists who secretly helped slaves escape to freedom.

29 Underground Railroad.

30 A novel written by Hariet Beecher Stowe to show the evils of slavery and the injustices of the Fugitive Slave Act.

31 Uncle Toms Cabin

32 Samuel Wilson supplied meat to the American Army during the War of 1812. The barrels were marked with US. What was Mr. Wilson’s nick name?

33 Uncle Sam

34 To reject something like when a president rejects a law.

35 Veto

36 British search warrant used to search colonists without reason.

37 Writ of Assistance

38 1794 protest over a tax on all liquor made and sold in the United States.

39 Whiskey Rebellion

40 Site of Colonial Army camp where they suffered through a long hard winter.

41 Valley Forge

42 A 1797 French attempt to get a bribe from the US before the French would discuss ending the process of seizing American ships.

43 XYZ Affair

44 President who told Europe that the Western Hemisphere was off limits to further colonization.

45 James Monroe

46 Leader of the American Navy during the Revolutionary War who refused to surrender even though his ship was sinking.

47 John Paul Jones

48 George Mason of Virginia refused to sign the Constitution because it did not include what?

49 Bill of Rights

50 The first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. He was a staunch Federalist and presided over the Marbury V Madison case.

51 John Marshall

52 Former slave who spoke against slavery.

53 Frederick Douglass

54 Religious movement in the English the early colonies in 1700’s. It caused many people to form new churches.

55 First GreatAwakening

56 Dynamic religious movement that swept the country in the early 1800’s. It stressed free will rather than predestination.

57 Second Great Awakening

58 Movement to end slavery.

59 Abolition

60 This movement to ban the sale and consumption of alcohol was led by a feeling that alcohol was ruining the American family.

61 Temperance

62 This man led the movement to reform education in America.

63 Horace Mann

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