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Inspector Lee Inspector Lee, he walks his beat, Late at night, from street to street. He looks at people passing by, Is that young man an ‘I.I.’ ? POEM.

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1 Inspector Lee Inspector Lee, he walks his beat, Late at night, from street to street. He looks at people passing by, Is that young man an ‘I.I.’ ? POEM

2 His friend’s a man called Mike Long, 5 Who rents a flat in Kowloon Tong. They check steel grills and all locked doors, Especially banks and jewellery stores.

3 They check the licence on parked cars, And question drunks thrown out of bars. 10 They even might come face to face With triad gangs which they must chase.

4 Their job is dangerous night and day. Shouldn’t they receive more pay?

5 1.What does Inspector Lee do at night? __________________________________ 2. Where does his friend live? ________________________________ Now answer these questions on the poem. He walks in the street. Kowloon Tong.

6 3.List 4 of the policemen’s duties. _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ 4. Why does the poet think that policemen should receive more pay? _______________________________________ a) They check steel grills. b) They check locked doors. c) They check car licences. d) They question drunks.// They chase triad gangs. Their job is dangerous.

7 5. Would you like to be a policeman? Why/Why not? ________________________________ ________________________________ 6. This poem is made up of rhyming couplets. Can you find words which rhyme with the following? a) beat _________ b) stores ___________ c) chase _________ d) day ____________ [open answer] street doors face pay

8 7. Now try and finish the following to create a rhyming couplet. a) Policemen are trying all the time To stop criminals committing __________. b) They look carefully at every clue To make Hong Kong safe for me and _____. c) They catch the ones who steal and rob Arresting thieves is their __________. crime you job

9 8. There are 15 words about crime in the following word search. Circle the words and write them on the lines below. KIDNAPPING IXRZVICTIM LYUOPCLQRW LBGBBKUCDI EUSUSPECTT RRTJXOSRLN YGEARCFINE NLAIUKOMZS IALLLESEZS ARRESTHIEF

10 __________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ kidnapping, killer, victim, suspect, arrest, thief, drugs, steal, burglar, jail, pickpocket, clues, crime, witness, fine


12 RAP This is my family These are my mates Everyone’s different Everyone’s great

13 This is my father He’s funny and witty This is my sister She’s tall, slim and pretty This is my brother A serious guy This is my mother She’s clever and shy This is my family These are my mates Everyone’s different Everyone’s great

14 This is my uncle He’s grumpy but sweet This is my aunt She’s calm, kind and neat This is my grandma She’s a hundred and one This is my cousin He’s friendly and fun

15 My friend Suzanna’s hard-working and bright My mate Robert is smart and polite They’re all so cool, they will surely agree The coolest of all of them has to be me!

16 This is my family These are my mates Everyone’s different Everyone’s great

17 Friends and Family 1. After listening to the rap, look at the pictures of the different people and identify them.


19 1.______________ 2.______________ 3.______________ 4.______________ 5.______________ 6.______________ 7.______________ aunt sister uncle brother grandma father cousin

20 2. Match the following synonyms (words with the same meaning). One has been done for you.

21 slim   tidy mates   attractive pretty   thin clever   well-mannered funny   bad-tempered grumpy   amusing neat   friends polite   smart

22 Now use some of the words to complete the following sentences. 1.I enjoy listening to __________________ stories. 2. Peter is really ______________. He always does well in exams. amusing / funny smart / clever

23 3. Don’t be so rude! You should learn to be more ______________________ to people. 4. My dad is always __________________ when he comes home from work because he is really tired. polite / well-mannered grumpy / bad-tempered

24 Across 2. not lazy 5. intelligent, clever 7. not fat 8. nice to other people 9. finds it difficult to talk to others Down 1. good friend 3. not untidy 4. doesn’t get angry quickly 5. doesn’t laugh much 6. opposite of short 3. Now read the definitions of words describing people to do the following crossword.

25 matemate seriousserious talltall calmcalm h r d w o r k i n g m a r e te t s i k n d h y

26 POEM Horrible Henry Henry was hateful, spiteful, bad, Teased the girls and made them mad Horrible Henry hated Harriet (Popular, pretty, happy-as-Larry-et).

27 Henry tied poor Harriet’s hair 5 (Two long plaits) to the back of her chair. Stole her dinner-money, hid her shoes, Locked her up inside the loos.

28 Henry boasted: ‘My dad’s rich’. Harriet said, ‘My aunt’s a witch’. 10 Henry said, ‘From what I’ve learnt Aren’t any witches. All got burnt.’

29 ‘Not my Aunt Dorothea,’ Harriet said, and went to see her. Dorothea waved her wand. 15 Henry landed in a pond.

30 Green and slimy, hopping mad, He sits upon a lily pad. Croaking loudly in Frogese ‘Kiss me, Harriet! Kiss me, please!’ 20

31 Now answer the following questions. 1.Henry played a lot of tricks on Harriet. Can you name 3 of them? a. ____________________________ b._____________________________ c._____________________________ _____________________________ He tied her hair to the chair. He stole her dinner money. He hid her shoes. He locked her in the loo/toilet. Any 3

32 2. What is special about Harriet’s aunt? ________________________________ 3. What did Dorothea do to Henry? ________________________________ She is a witch. She turned him into a frog.

33 4. Why do you think Henry wants Harriet to kiss him? ________________________________ 5. Do you think Henry deserves his punishment? Give reasons for your answer. ________________________________ So that he becomes a prince. [open answer].

34 6. In line 4,’popular’ and pretty’ are examples of alliteration. Can you find another example? ________________________________ Horrible Henry/ hated Harriet/ locked loos _ _ _

35 7. There are a lot of rhymes in the poem. For example, ’bad’ and ‘mad’. Find 2 more pairs of rhymes. a. _______________________________ b. _______________________________ _______________________________ hair - chair rich - witch shoes - loos learnt - burnt wand - pond mad - pad Any 2

36 8. This poem has a moral (lesson) for the reader. What do you think the moral is? _______________________________ Don’t be horrible to others or you will be punished.

37 The Monster Now choose the best answer to these questions. 1. Why was the monster unhappy? a)He had no friends. b)He was ugly. c)He had two heads. d)He had three tails. STORY

38 2.How did the monster describe himself in the advertisement? a) Ugly b) Lonely c) Kind d) Handsome

39 3. What was strange about Miss Wong’s letter? a) She was not interested in a person’s appearance. b) She wanted to meet the monster. c) She thought a person’s character was important. d) She needed a flower to recognise the monster.

40 4. Characters We know quite a lot about the monster’s character and appearance. For example, we know he is: kind ugly lonely friendly

41 How do you imagine Mary’s character and appearance? Write some words in the box to describe her. ________________________________ [open answer]

42 5. What happens next? What do you think happens when Mary meets the monster? Is she frightened, happy, surprised? Do you think they will fall in love? Write your ending to the story.

43 Poem The Song of the Whale Heaving mountain in the sea, Whale, I heard you Grieving. Great whale, crying for your life, Crying for your kind, I know 5 How we would use Your dying:

44 Lipstick for our painted faces, Polish for our shoes. Tumbling mountain in the sea, 10 Whale, I heard you Calling. Bird-high notes, keening, soaring: At their edge a tiny drum Like a heartbeat. 15

45 We would make you Dumb. In the forest of the sea, Whale, I heard you Singing. 20 Singing to your kind. We’ll never let you be Instead of life we choose

46 Lipstick for our painted faces, Polish for our shoes. 25

47 1.In this poem, the poet uses a metaphor to describe the whale. What does he describe the whale as, and why do you think he chooses this metaphor? ________________________________ ________________________________ Now answer these questions. He describes the whale as a mountain because it is so big.

48 2. What is the effect of the repetition of the refrain, Lipstick for our painted faces, Polish for our shoes? _________________________________ _________________________________ To emphasise the reason we kill the whales.

49 3. Why do you think the sea is described as a ‘forest’? (line 18) _________________________________ _________________________________ There are lots of plants under the water.// The water appears green.

50 4. In line 17, what is the meaning of the word ‘dumb’? a) stupid b) sad c) silent

51 5. What do you notice about the last line of each stanza? What is the effect of this? __________________________________ ________________________________ 6. What message do you think the poet is trying to convey in this poem? __________________________________ __________________________________ It is much shorter to emphasise the important words. We shouldn’t kill whales for our own use.

52 7.What do you think is the overall mood of the poem? _________________________________ Angry/sad.

53 What a Wonderful World I see trees of green, red roses too I see them bloom for me and you And I think to myself what a wonderful world. I see skies of blue and clouds of white The bright blessed day, the dark sacred night And I think to myself what a wonderful world.

54 The colours of the rainbow so pretty in the sky Are also on the faces of the people going by I see friends shaking hands saying how do you do They’re really saying, I love you. I hear babies cry, I watch them grow They’ll learn much more than I’ll never know And I think to myself what a wonderful world Yes I think to myself what a wonderful world.

55 Now answer these questions about the song. 1. The writer of the song uses a lot of images to describe the wonderful things he sees in the world. Complete the table below using the different images.

56 Natural worldHuman world red roseshappy faces green trees blue skies white clouds rainbow bright day dark night people shaking hands babies crying babies growing

57 2.The writer repeats the chorus line, ‘And I think to myself what a wonderful world’ several times. Why do you think he does this? _________________________________ To stress how much he loves the world.

58 3.Find words in the song which rhyme with the following: a) too _________ b) by _________ c) white ________ d) grow _________ you sky night know

59 4.‘Wonderful world’ is an example of alliteration. Find 2 more examples of alliteration in the song. a)_______________ b)_______________ red roses bright blessed _

60 5.The writer puts the colour adjectives after the nouns instead of in the usual place before the noun. E.g. trees of green instead of green trees. Can you think of a reason why he does this? ___________________________________ To stress the different colours. // It sounds more poetic.

61 6. How many different colours can you find in the poem? What are they? ___________________________________ 4 – green, red, blue, white (plus all the colours of the rainbow).

62 7. Using the images below, write another verse for the song. Try and follow the same pattern and rhyming scheme. e.g. I see lakes of blue, mountains of white, A beautiful day, a moonlight night, And I think to myself what a wonderful world.

63 Or use these pictures for ideas.

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