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More than a thousand publishers participate in JSTOR.

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1 More than a thousand publishers participate in JSTOR.

2 JSTOR has specimens that Charles Darwin collected while on the Beagle.

3 The oldest content on JSTOR dates back to 1771 in Transactions of the American Philosophical Society.

4 JSTOR has primary sources that include pamphlets, manuscripts, letters, oral histories, government documents, 3-D models, spatial data, type specimens, paintings, and more.

5 Through the Current Scholarship Program, more than 40 publishers provide access to their current journal issues.

6 Subscribe to the Current Scholarship Program and access the current issues of more than 250 journals.

7 JSTOR has digitized plant specimens from every continent, including Antarctica.

8 JSTOR has letters and materials from David Livingstone, Carl Linnaeus, and Charles Darwin.

9 The Early Journal Content program provides free access to journals published before 1923 in the United States and 1870 in the rest of the world.

10 JSTOR has a robust collection of 19 th Century British pamphlets.

11 There are pamphlets on JSTOR by and about Karl Marx, Florence Nightingale, Thomas Paine, and Mary Wollstonecraft.

12 The Books at JSTOR program makes academic ebooks available alongside journals on the JSTOR platform.

13 Publishers in Books at JSTOR include Harvard and Yale University Presses.

14 There are more than 8.5 million articles on JSTOR.

15 Arts & Sciences X is our most international social science collection on JSTOR.

16 Arts & Sciences XIII is our most international humanities collection on JSTOR.

17 The Life Sciences Collection is JSTOR’s most comprehensive set of journals in ecology, botany, zoology, the health sciences, and general science.

18 The California Digital Library and the Harvard Depository act as paper repositories for JSTOR.

19 There are articles and letters by Albert Einstein on JSTOR.

20 JSTOR has three separate data centers that house the entire collection to protect against data loss.

21 You can wear JSTOR. Visit to view our selection.

22 Follow us on Twitter @JSTOR

23 Like us on Facebook

24 Portico is the first digital preservation service to become certified as a Trusted Digital Repository.

25 As of December 2013, more than 450 million files were preserved in Portico.

26 The Register & Read program provides limited, free online reading access to individuals worldwide.

27 JPASS now offers expanded, fee-based access plans to independent researchers.

28 Global Plants launched in 2013 with more than two million plant type specimens.

29 Interested in business scholarship? Consider our Business I, II, III, and IV Collections.

30 Looking for language and literature journals? Try the Arts & Sciences III, VIII, and XII Collections.

31 JSTOR offers archival journals, current journals, and books across more than 50 academic disciplines.

32 Nearly 10,000 institutions participate in JSTOR worldwide.

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