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KINGDOM CARK Charles, Alston, Robert, Kristi April 16, 2014.

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1 KINGDOM CARK Charles, Alston, Robert, Kristi April 16, 2014

2 OUR GOVERNMENT Constitutional Monarchy Constitutionalism

3 PREAMBLE “We the Kingdom of Cark, do hereby proclaim for the pursuit of a more perfect nation under our Constitutional Monarchy, in order to ensure the providing of justice and freedom to its people to protect the safety and general welfare and to defend against anything of harm, to provide for the common good, to work towards a better union, to ban and combat all discrimination whenever it may encounter, and to protect and promote the Rights of Man. Therefore. Sanctioned by the Queen’s Majesty, and with the guidance and consent of the Prime Minister, in this Parliament amassed currently present, along with any authority of the same nature, do so establish the constitution of Kingdom Cark”

4 LEGISLATIVE Bicameral Parliament House of Representatives The Royal Council How are laws created? Powers are explicitly stated in the Constitution

5 EXECUTIVE BRANCH The Monarch Leader of the people Succession through bloodline Appoints Ambassadors Royal Council Removals Prime Minister Head of the Parliament Commander-In-Chief of Military Appoints members of Ministerial Cabinet Orator of the House of Reps. Elected by the people Removals

6 JUDICIAL BRANCH 3 Levels of Court Magisterial Court Appellate Court District Courts What are the Requirements? Powers given in Constitution Removals

7 EDUCATION 6 stages of education Who funds the education?

8 HEALTHCARE Monitored and Maintained by the Federal Government Required Healthcare Insurances with possible by passes. Funded by the people through certain taxes and Fines.

9 IMMIGRATION The Process of becoming a citizen What is needed from the individual? Children Marriage Licenses

10 AMENDMENTS Powers of the Monarch are hereby limited due to the presence of the Prime Minister. Each citizen will have the right own a gun under the gun protection law Citizens are able to peacefully assemble, protest against acts of government on all levels.


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