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BY: AREK AND TAWNI Caffeine Consumption to Stay Up.

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1 BY: AREK AND TAWNI Caffeine Consumption to Stay Up

2 Identifying the Problem Scenario: Someone who is working long hours and consuming a lot of caffeine to keep going. The problems of people drinking coffee to stay up can be a physical issue, a mental issue, and a social issue. If you are having more than 300mg of coffee a day it will end up having a negative effect.

3 Physical Issue: You will look strained and very tired Raises your heart rate and increases blood flow Raises body temperature so you will be hot Will have to urinate more often Will be very fidgety

4 Mental Issue: You will be very grumpy Will experience sudden energetic outbreaks Might have trouble coping without coffee Can end up having a headache Excessive sleepiness May feel like you cannot function properly Cant focus properly

5 Social Issue: Might have troubles keeping a conversation Wont be able to sit through long presentations Might stutter when talking Wont be able to think straight which might cause you to say the wrong thing

6 Solution An end to this problem might take any where between a few days and a few weeks. Some ways to wean yourself off coffee could be getting more sleep the night before a long shift. If you're getting up early then go to sleep earlier. Working out and eating a healthy breakfast in the morning will give you lots of energy to get through your day! If you're feeling tired throughout the day having a healthy snack and some water will boost your energy level as well. If you limit your coffee intake eventually you wont need it to survive.

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