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Biomes By Kristen Alikakos

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1 Biomes By Kristen Alikakos
Tagia , Tundra, Deciduous Forest, Tropical Rainforest, Dessert , and Grasslands

2 Biomes- “A major ecosystem made up of many habitats.”- StudyJams

3 Tagia Did you know that the Tagia biome’s climate temperature are cold winters and hot summers? The Tagia biome also has many wonderful plants and animals, like the Bald Eagle, mosses, and candian gesse. The many beautiful plants are pines, firs, spruces, and hemlocks, (All are types of trees) This is just one cool fact that is special about the Tagia biome is that it is the largest biome.

4 Tundra The climate temperature of the Tundra is very cold and is frozen! It’s plants are dwarf-like, the Tundra biome’s animals are, such as, polar bears, raindeer, and carubau. One fact that makes the Tundra biome special is that it is so cold there that the biome can’t grow trees!

5 Deciduous Forest The Deciduous Forest biome’s climate temperature depends on it’s season, but it is warm, cold, and hot. It’s plants are oaks, maples, and hickories,(all trees.) The biome’s animals includes, foxes, bobcats, and songbirds. A cool fact about the Deciduous Forest is that it’s the only biome with four seasons.

6 Tropical Rainforest The Tropical Rainforest biome’s climate temperature is warm, humid, and heavy rain. The Tropical Rainforest biome’s plants includes many different trees, ferns, orchids, and vines. The biome’s animals also includes leopards, toucans, and monkeys! A cool fact about the Tropical Rainforest is that it has three layers, the first layer are tall trees, the second layer is a canopy, the third is the forest floor.

7 Dessert The climate temperature in the Dessert is very hot and dry.
There are many plants in the dessert, like Cactuses, but there are also many animals, like iguanas, lizards, and beetles. One cool fact about the Dessert is that the biome only gets 10 inches of rain a year!

8 Grasslands The climate temperature of the Grasslands is little rain and moderate temperatures. The Grassland’s plants include different types of grasses (especially wheat), and the biomes animals include rhinos, tigers, and zebras. The Grasslands, are found in Africa, the United States, Asia, and South America.

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