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Warm Ups for week of 8/1 on pg 14

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1 Warm Ups for week of 8/1 on pg 14
Warm Up: Mon 8/1 Warm Ups for week of 8/1 on pg 14 What is the difference between a hypothesis and a prediction? Hypothesis: Prediction:


3 Warm Up Block 8/2-8/3 When Graphing:
The Independent Variable belongs on which axis? _______________ Another name for the independent variable is the ______________ variable The Dependent Variable belongs on Another name for the dependent variable is the ______________ variable Remember: x-axis is horizontal, y-axis is vertical

4 Warm Up Thursday 8/4 Create a Hypothesis regarding an experiment involving tomato plants and fertilizer (refer to templates for correct format) Name the Independent and Dependent variables

5 Warm Up Friday 8/5 What are the Five major parts that must be included on every graph ? 1 2 3 4 5

6 Warm Up Monday 8/8 What key points help you determine if a bar graph or a line graph should be used?? How will you prepare for our Biology quiz this week??

7 Warm Up Block 8/9 – 8/10 List 3 Safety Precautions or Procedures that should be followed when in the Lab:

8 Warm Up Thursday 8/11 List 3 things that you remember from studying about CHEMISTRY:

9 Warm Up Friday 8/12 What do you call pure substances that cannot be broken down chemically into simpler kinds of matter? What is the simplest particle of an element that retains all the properties of that element? What is Matter?

10 Warm Up Monday 8/15 Atoms of the same element can have different numbers of neutrons; these variations of an element are called:______ An atom’s Atomic Number is equal to that element’s number of :______________ An element’s Atomic Mass is equal to its number of _________ plus its number of __________ .

11 Warm Up Block 8/16 - 8/17 How many electrons can fit in the first energy level (shell) ? In the second ? (Think of Bohr Models) Superman wants to know: How do you determine the number of neutrons in an atom of Krypton (Element #36) ?

12 Warm Up Thursday 8/18 Draw a model of a water molecule, labeling the elements, the bonds, the proper # of electrons in the outer energy levels, and the (+) and (-) ends of the molecule What type of bond connects two water molecules?? Where are the molecules connected together at (what elements from each molecule??)

13 Warm Up for Friday 8/19 Compare Adhesion and Cohesion
Give an example of each:

14 Warm Up Monday 8/22 What are the Horizontal rows on the Periodic Table called and what do they tell us? What are the Vertical groups called and what do they tell us?

15 Warm Up Block 8/23 – 8/24 What are some of the “Essential” nutrients that our bodies need to continue growth and repair each day? How many calories should the average teenager consume each day?

16 Warm Up: Thursday 8/25 Based on previous class info, describe a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner you could have that contains all the essential nutrients: Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner –

17 Warm Up Friday 8/26 What is the molecular formula for glucose? Draw its structure: What is the structure / shape of a fat molecule? What are 3 differences between saturated and unsaturated fats?

18 Warm Up Monday 8/29 Write your current Biology grade below and have a parent/guardian sign below: Biology Grade: Parent/Guardian Signature:____________ Draw and label the parts of an Amino Acid

19 Warm Up Block 8/30 - 8/31 Define: - Enzyme Substrate Active Site
Catalyst Activation Energy

20 Warm Up Thursday Sept 1 If you want to participate, take a cracker and chew on it for 5 minutes – no swallowing!!! Do you notice a change in the taste after a few minutes?? What does it taste like?? What do you think happened? __________ was broken down into __________ due to the enzyme ________

21 Warm Up Friday 9/2 Draw the basic structure of a Nucleotide.
How many “parts” does a nucleotide have? What type of bonds are located between nitrogen bases in a molecule of DNA that join the 2 strands together? Are they weak or strong?

22 Warm Up Block 9/6 – 9/7 How well do I think I did on Quiz? Score/70
How prepared was I for Quiz? 1 – 10 Did I read Chapter 2 in full? Did I study my notes? Will I do anything differently next time?

23 Warm Up Thursday 9/8 Name three things that are present in a plant cell but NOT in an animal cell? What are attached to the Rough E.R. that are not found on the Smooth E.R.? What organelle converts energy stored in glucose (food) into ATP ?

24 Warm Up Friday 9/9 Which cell organelle produces proteins?
The nucleolus manufactures what cell organelle? What is the function of the Golgi Apparatus?

25 Warm Up Monday 9/12 Without your notes, list as many cell organelles as possible and their functions

26 Warm Ups Block 9/13 – 9/14 What are the 3 objective lenses called on our Light Microscopes: Shortest: Middle: Longest: What happens to the specimen’s image if you turn the Coarse Adjustment Knob while in High Power??

27 Warm Ups 9/15 Compare/Contrast prokaryotic cells and eukaryotic cells:
How many centimeters are in a meter? How many millimeters are in a meter? How many meters are in a kilometer?

28 Warm Up Monday 9/19 What is the cell membrane composed of ?
What does selectively permeable mean? Distinguish between Polar and Nonpolar substances

29 Warm Up: Block 9/20 – 9/21 What happens to a cell when it is placed in a Hypertonic solution? Why ? What happens to a cell when it is placed in a Hypotonic solution ? Why?

30 Warm Up Thursday 9/22 List the 3 forms of Passive Transport:
List the 3 forms of Active Transport: Explain the difference between diffusion and osmosis. Are they active or passive? Explain the difference between endocytosis and exocytosis. Are they active or passive?

31 Warm Up Friday 9/23 Pre-Lab for Day # 2 Questions 1 thru 6

32 Warm Up: Thursday 10/20 Describe the difference between a Zygote and a Gamete: A species of dog has a total of 78 chromosomes. What is the diploid (2n) number of one of the dog’s somatic cells? What is the haploid (1n) number of one of this dog’s gametes?

33 Warm Up Friday 10/21 Name the 3 Phases of the Cell Cycle that are collectively called Interphase: What are the Five phases of the Cell Cycle, in order: Distinguish between Cytokinesis and Mitosis

34 Warm Up Monday 10/24 In what phase of the Cell Cycle is the cell’s DNA copied? What are the four phases of Mitosis? During which phase do the chromosomes line up in the middle of the cell? What part do spindle fibers play in Mitosis?

35 Block 10/25-10/26 Diagram of Cell Cycle I = G1 + S + G2
M = P + M + A + T = Nucleus Divides Still one cell at end of Mitosis, but 2 nuclei in cell C = Cytokinesis = Cytoplasm divides= 2 cells

36 Friday 10/28 What is cancer? What causes cancer?
Are there links to any environmental causes? What is the difference between a malignant and a benign tumor?

37 Warm Ups Monday 10/31 Write down what you remember about: Autotrophs:
Heterotrophs: Photosynthesis: Mitochondria: Chloroplasts:

38 Warm Ups Block 11/1 – 11/2 Compare/Contrast:
autotrophs and heterotrophs How much of the energy in one trophic level is transferred to organisms at the next trophic level? Construct a food chain involving 4 trophic levels (plants and/or animals involved, in order)

39 Warm Up Thursday 11/3 Write out the balanced chemical equation for Photosynthesis: Compare ATP to ADP: During photosynthesis, where in the chloroplast does the: Light Reaction occur: Dark Reaction occur:

40 Warm Up Friday 11/4 During the Light Reaction, excited electrons move from membrane protein to membrane protein via the ____________. The two energy-storing molecules made during the Light Reaction are ____________ and ____________ What are the three environmental factors that affect the rate of photosynthesis?

41 Warm Up Block 11/8 – 11/9 Write out the balanced equation for Photosynthesis: Write out the balanced equation for cellular respiration: How do they compare:

42 Warm Up Thursday 11/10 The process of Glycolysis breaks down ___________ into two ___________ What is produced in the Kreb’s Cycle: ________ _______ _______ _______ What is produced in the ETC in the final stage of Aerobic Respiration: ______________ ______________ When no oxygen is available, Pyruvate is broken down in what process?

43 Warm Up Monday 11/14 What are the 3 stages of Cellular Respiration, in order? Where do these 3 stages take place? How much ATP is produced in each of these 3 stages?

44 Warm Ups: Block 1/17 – 1/18 What factors increase a population size?
What factors decrease a population size? Define and give 2 examples of a limiting factor: Give an example of an “r” selected species: Give an example of a “K” selected species:

45 Warm Up: Thursday 1/19 Name a country(s) that:
Has a rapid population growth: Has a slow/steady population growth: Has a Zero or Negative population growth: What would the shapes of the above Population Pyramids look like?

46 Warm Up Friday 1/20 If the doubling time for a certain bacteria’s population is 15 minutes, how long would it take for a single bacteria to multiply to form a colony of 500 bacteria?? Show your work!!

47 Warm Up Monday 1/23 What shape does India’s population pyramid resemble? What does this signify? What is the fertility rate goal # for a country like India? What will this allow the population to eventually do? What are some actual and potential results of India’s overpopulation crisis?

48 Block 1/24 – 1/25 What did I do to study for today’s Quiz?
How prepared for the quiz am I? (scale of 1 thru 10) 1 = not at all, 10 = very prepared Will I do anything differently to prepare for the next quiz?

49 Warm Up Thursday 1/26 What is a gene?
How are a gene and a chromosome related? What is a mutation? What can result from a chromosomal mutation?

50 Warm Up Friday 1/27 Chromosome numbers 1 thru 22 are called ________________ ? What is “nondisjunction”? In a karyotype, homologous pairs of chromosomes are arranged by what characteristics?

51 Warm Up Block 1/31-2/1 What are some differences between Mitosis vs. Meiosis Gametes are (haploid / diploid) and a Zygote is (haploid / diploid). Name the female gamete in animals: Name the male gamete in animals:

52 Warm Up Thursday Feb 2 What are some differences between Mitosis and Meiosis? Chromosomes similar in size, shape and genetic content are called ___________

53 Warm Ups Block 2/7 – 2/8 What is the difference between genotype and phenotype? Give examples of above: What is the difference between homozygous and heterozygous? If the allele for yellow peas (Y) is dominant to the allele for green peas (y), how would you show: A homozygous dominant pea? ______________ A homozygous recessive pea? ______________ A heterozygous (hybrid) pea? ___________________

54 Warm Up Thursday 2/9 If green skin is dominant over orange skin, is it possible for an orange skinned offspring to result from a cross between an orange parent and a green parent? -Draw Punnett Square(s) and explain

55 Warm Up Friday 2/10 P1 (Parents) are True Breeding PP x pp
F1 Generation are all heterozygotes ( Pp) When Mendel self-pollinated members of this F1 generation (Pp x Pp), what were the F2 generation’s phenotypic and genotypic ratios??

56 Warm Up Monday 2/13 Show how the 3 alleles involved in human blood typing determine the 4 blood-group genotypes: Type A: Type B: Type AB: Type O: For a sex linked recessive trait, show the genotypes for: (use B for normal condition and b for affected condition) Affected Male: Affected Female: Carrier Female: Normal Male: Normal Female:

57 Warm Up Block 2/14 - 2/15 Sex Linked Fruit Flies P-1: Red Eyed Hybrid female x White eyed Male What are genotypes of F-1 generation? Show a cross of the Red eyed offspring from the F-1 generation: Is there a chance any of the F-2 generation will have white eyes??

58 Warm Ups Block 2/21 – 2/22 By yourself – NO DISCUSSING:
What is a Theory? Explain what you think of when you hear the word “Evolution”? Use words, pictures, etc:

59 Warm Up Thursday 2/23 How long ago was Earth formed?
What does “prehistoric” mean? How long ago did the first dinosaurs appear? When did the dinosaur extinction occur? When did the most recent Ice Age end? When did modern man, Homo sapien, first appear?

60 Warm Up Monday 2/27 The Geologic Time Scale is broken into 4 Era’s. What are their names? Which is the oldest of the four? Most recent? How many periods are in the Mesozoic Era? Which Era is termed the “Age of Mammals”? Which Era is termed the “Age of Reptiles” and/or “Age of Dinosaurs”

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