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Mission- To promote college students’ awareness of government’s impact on health through education.

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1 Mission- To promote college students’ awareness of government’s impact on health through education

2 Mission- Educating for Liberty: Inspiring college students to discover, embrace, and advance the principles and virtues that make America free and prosperous. Position- MOOC creation/instructor. Create massive open online courses based on the agency’s mission and provide instruction for those courses.

3 Retrieved from: Agency’s mission: Educating for Liberty: Inspiring college students to discover, embrace, and advance the principles and virtues that make America free and prosperous.

4 The average score for the Intercollegiate Studies Institute’s civic literacy exam was 54.2% for college seniors in 2007 (Cribb Jr & Bunting III) It is relatively clear from the review of the literature that there is a great need to educate our future leaders and ISI calls on administrators, trustees, donors, faculty, parents, and elected officials to reevaluate curricula and standards of accountability so that colleges can better prepare their graduates for the responsibilities of informed citizenship (Cribb Jr & Bunting III).

5 IV- Through Education DV- Awareness of Government Impact On Health TP- College Students

6 Awareness of the government’s impact on health starts with the basic understanding of government. Since the national average on the civic literacy exam is 51.4% among college students we need to start with our basic knowledge on the structure of government (Cribb Jr & Bunting III). From there we can look at students’ understanding or knowledge of current issues involving the government and how those basic principles are put to use today. Finally, having a thorough awareness of the impact this “shadow” government has on the health of college students.


8 Which of the following are the unalienable rights referred to in the Declaration of Independence? A. life, liberty, and property B. honor, liberty, and peace C. liberty, health, and community D. life, respect, and equal protection E. life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness In 1933 Franklin Delano Roosevelt proposed a series of government programs that became known as: A. the Great Society B. the Square Deal C. the New Deal D. the New Frontier E. supply-side economics What are the three branches of government? A. executive, legislative, judicial B. executive, legislative, military C. bureaucratic, military, industry D. federal, state, local What was the main issue in the debates between Abraham Lincoln and Stephen A. Douglas in 1858? A. Is slavery morally wrong? B. Would slavery be allowed to expand to new territories? C. Do Southern states have the constitutional right to leave the union? D. Are free African Americans citizens of the United States? The United States Electoral College: A. trains those aspiring for higher political office B. was established to supervise the first televised presidential debates C. is otherwise known as the U.S. Congress D. is a constitutionally mandated assembly that elects the president E. was ruled undemocratic by the Supreme Court Retrieved from: mmary.html

9 1. What does GMO stand for? A. Great Mountain Options B. Go March On C. Genetically Modified Organism D. Great Men Oppressed 2. What does the National Defense Authorization Act give the President Authority to do? A. Authority to attack Canada and Mexico B. Indefinitely detain American citizens without a trial C. Defend our country D. Be peaceful 3. Hemp is illegal because it is a dangerous drug that can get you high. A. False B. True 4. Which statement about Obamacare is TRUE? A. Americans now have access to preventive and wellness services with no out of pocket costs B. If you don’t buy healthcare, you won’t be fined C. It won’t cost $1.1 trillion over the next ten years D. This is a great model for Socialized medicine 5. The Federal Reserve (prints our money) is a branch of the United States Government? A. True B. False 6. Food and Drug Administration(FDA) employees working for the companies they regulate is considered a conflict of interest. A. True B. False 7. Multinational company Monsanto controls what percentage of our GMO food supply? A. 95% B. 45% C. 20% D. 90% 8. Can the president send troops to war without congress approval? A. Yes B. No All info retrieved from:

10 Test Part 3- Wellness Wellness exam can be found at:

11 We feel as if our test is valid because we are covering all three areas of our theoretical definition by incorporating general knowledge of government (civic literacy), current issues the government is involved with, and how this type of government affects the health and wellness of students.

12 Social learning/social cognitive theory According to the social learning theory, which is also known as the social cognitive theory, behavioral change is determined by environmental, personal, and behavioral elements. Know what to do? Know how to do it? Want to do it? Believe can do it? Has an environment to support the behavior?

13 The bread and butter of our education program is going to be the MOOC. Our entire 8 week program will be instructed from the free MOOC platform at A different 8 week program every year in college (freshmen, sophomore, junior, senior). 1 credit earned every year for completion of online programs, could be applied to degree. This would be free for college students, so essentially if all four years are completed that would be 4 free credits. Program will focus on educating students about civic literacy and current issues, as well as educating about how that affects their wellness.

14 College students will improve their scores from 49% to 90% on the civic literacy test and from 50% to 95% on the current issues exam as well as increase their score by 20 on the wellness exam over the total four year program.

15 Students score 49% on Civic literacy-General need Intervention- MOOC program Students improved scores from 49% to 90% and achieved a great understanding of our country Control group- Students score 49% on civic literacy No change in control group without intervention

16 Students score 49% on Civic literacy-General need Intervention: MOOC program Students improved scores from 49% to 90% and achieved a great understanding of our country Control: 49% score No Intervention No change in control group

17 The key question in internal validity is whether observed changes can be attributed to your program or intervention (i.e., the cause) and not to other possible causes (sometimes described as "alternative explanations" for the outcome). ( Seeing that we used the Pretest-Posttest-Control group design we can conclude that our program is internally valid. This design accounts for internal validity factors such as: history, maturation, testing, instrumentation, regression, morality, and interaction of selection and maturation etc.

18 Facebook group:

19 NPR mobile App- - Features: Read and listen to the day's top stories from NPR News, Stay informed via our hourly five-minute newscasts, Connect to local public radio stations with over, 1,000 live NPR station streams, Make your own playlist, Listen and read at the same time, Share your favorite stories via SMS, social media or email. This application could be used to supplement my program by providing news about government’s current issues. Wellness mobile App- -Apps.aspx- Features: Find quick ideas for a fast paced world. New health and wellness tips every day. Enjoy wellness on-the- go with our award winning FREE iPhone app! This application can be used to give students daily wellness tips, and could be used to supplement sources from my program.

20 The Atlantic Philanthropies would be our funding agency. The Atlantic Philanthropies are dedicated to bringing about lasting changes in the lives of disadvantaged and vulnerable people ( They have already given out grants specifically for civic literacy programs. We may not need any money at all due to the main part of the program being 100% free.

21 (2012). Monsanto employees in halls of government. (2012). [Web Graphic]. Retrieved from Collegeboard’s Test of U.S. Government & Politics. (n.d). Retrieved from Cribb Jr, T. K., & Bunting III, L. G. J. (n.d.). Our fading heritage:americans fail a basic test on their history and institutions. Retrieved from Curtis, K. R., McCluskey, J. J., & Wahl, T. I. (2004). Consumer acceptance of genetically modified food products in the developing world. Journal of Agrobiotechnology Management & Economics,7(1&2), 70-75. Retrieved from et. al, E. (2012, May 24). [Web log message]. Retrieved from Goertzel, T. (1994, December). Belief in conspiracy theory. Retrieved from Ickes, M. J., & Cottrell, R. (2010). Health literacy in college students. Journal of American College Health, 58(5), 491-8. Retrieved from Journalism. (2013, March 1). Retrieved from Lock, K. (2000, May 12). Health impact assessment. Retrieved from Prakash, S. S., Cunningham, B. S., & Turicchi, T. (1981). Public perception of government regulation. Journal of Macromarketing, 1(2), 72. Retrieved from Wachowski, A. (Director), & Wachowski, L. (Director) (1999). The matrix [DVD]. Available from

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