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GOING AGAINST THE GRAIN & HA-HA Week 3. Going Against the Grain.

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2 Going Against the Grain

3 debunk (dih BUNK)  to expose the falseness of  Many years ago, Galileo helped to debunk the myth that the world was flat.

4 deleterious(del uh TEER ee us)  having a harmful effect; injurious  Although it seems unlikely, taking too many vitamins can actually have a deleterious effect on your health.

5 disingenuous(dis in JEN yoo us)  not straightforward; crafty  Gelman was rather disingenuous; although he seemed to be simply asking about your health, he was really trying to figure out how many days you’d been absent.

6 disparate(DIS puh rut)  fundamentally distinct or different  All of the many disparate members of the alliance were unable to agree on many things.

7 fabricated(FAB ruh kait id)  made; concocted in order to deceive  Lars fabricated the story to make it seem as though he was honest and upright when, in fact, nothing could be further from the truth.

8 recalcitrant(ruh KAL sih trunt)  defiant of authority; stubborn; not easily managed  Kent was a recalcitrant student who wouldn’t do anything his teachers told him to do.

9 spurious(SPER ee us)  not genuine; false  The ad for White-O toothpaste made a spurious claim when it said it could whiten your teeth, clean your oven, and wash your car at the same time.

10 capricious(kuh PREE shus)  impulsive and unpredictable  My capricious purchase of the lime-green dress turned out to be a big mistake; I hated it upon closer inspection.

11 Ha-Ha

12 wry(RYE)  dryly humorous, often with a touch of irony  His sense of humor was very wry; in fact, sometimes you couldn’t tell if he was kidding or not.

13 lampoon (n) or (v)(lam POON)  a broad satirical piece; or to broadly satire  Saturday Night Live is famous for the way it lampoons people in the news.

14 parody(PAIR uh dee)  an artistic work that imitates the style of another work for comic effect  Saturday Night Live is also famous for its parodies of popular movies.

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