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Soap Surprise Lab.

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1 Soap Surprise Lab

2 1. What question are we asking today?
“What will happen to a bar of Ivory soap if it is heated in a microwave for 1 minute?”

3 What information might we want to look up?
2. If we wanted to learn more about the main topics of our question, what could we do? Do some research! What information might we want to look up?

4 3. What do you think will happen to the soap?
When heated for one minute the bar of Ivory soap will…

5 An experiment! 4. What can we do to test our hypothesis?
What should the steps be to test our hypothesis? 1. Plug in the microwave. 2. Unwrap a bar of ivory soap. 3. Place the bar of soap on a plate. 4. Put the soap on plate in the microwave. 5. Set the microwave for 1 min. 6. Press start and observe what happens.

6 1. What did the soap look like and how did it change?
5. Describe what happened to the soap during our experiment. Make sure to include lots of details. **possible details: 1. What did the soap look like and how did it change? 2. Did you notice any smells? 3. What did it feel like after?

7 6. Now compare the results of the experiment to your hypothesis.
My hypothesis was supported or not supported (circle one). I said that the soap would ___________. The results in the experiment showed ______________________ .

8 7. What new questions do you have after completing our experiment?
*What would happen if we used liquid soap? *What if we heated the soap longer?

9 Soap Surprise Graphic Organizer
1. Set up the following graphic organizer.

10 Soap Surprise Graphic Organizer
2. For each step of the scientific method on the graphic organizer, write what we did in the soap surprise activity for that step. You should include pictures on some steps to show what we did/what happened. 3. When finished with a step, add a circle around the information to connect it to the rest of the graphic organizer.

11 Example: Here is an example of what you might do for 1. Ask A Question

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