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Dangerous Weather that Affects the South East Region.

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1 Dangerous Weather that Affects the South East Region

2 Preview  After watching the video clip, what do you know or feel about what you just saw. Name at least 3 things.

3 Vocabulary   Floodplain: the low, flatland along a river that may be underwater during a flood   Tornado: a violent windstorm whose center is a cloud in the shape of a funnel   Hurricane: powerful storms with very strong winds   Threat: a sign or possibility that something harmful or dangerous might happen.

4 Directions   With a partner read page 110 in your social studies book. As you read take notes on the t-chart in your notebook on tornados and hurricanes.   You and your partner will then create a pretend weather report for a state in the southeast region. You will have a few minutes to do this. REQUIREMENTS: 1. 1.You must use the information about weather that you have just read about. 2. 2.You must report what state and capital you a reporting from. 3. 3.You must give specific weather details as well as advice to the people watching your report as how they should prepare for the upcoming weather.

5 Partners  Yaileen and Idalia  Bilguun and Omar  Noelia and Joseph  Sebastian and Janelys

6 Processing Use the Venn diagram to compare and contrast the two storms. Write 2 sentences about each. A tornado _____________________ A hurricane_____________________

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