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Created By: Maha Sarwani

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1 Created By: Maha Sarwani
Dh-3 Created By: Maha Sarwani

2 Math The math I will be teaching your children offers, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, geometry, fractions. There will be at-home projects!

3 Reading The reading level will be based on a small assessment or of some sort that the I will give to the student.

4 Writing In our writing program, we will work on different types of narratives-(e.g. personal, fictional), poetry, and other pieces of writing. We will also work on grammar which includes usage of nouns and adjectives.

5 Social Studies The social studies topic will be a mixture of different time periods and units. There is a slight chance of projects, and there will be test.

6 Science My science offers
many different things. We will ensure that students will have a vast science knowledge the best we can. ( Inshallah)

7 Thank You!!! (Gazakullah)

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