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Do Now…Please… Pick up a syllabus and notecard on your way in

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1 Do Now…Please… Pick up a syllabus and notecard on your way in
Find your color Sit at that desk Put your backpack on the hook/floor Remain seated…leave your syllabus out THANK YOU!

2 Ms. Sy Freshman English Room 116 : )
Welcome!!! Ms. Sy Freshman English Room 116 : )


LEAVE ON YOUR DESK There are markers on your group tables


6 Question of the day… If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it? We continue to get to know each other throughout the year!

7 A little bit about myself…
I am from the Philippines I got my degree and credential from CSULA I taught at Ledesma Continuation School for a year I coached speech and debate at my old high school for seven years…(hint: you will be debating and speaking in front of the class A LOT this year!!! YAY!!!!!)

8 A little more… I LOVE PENGUINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I LOVE Disney and Disneyland and yes I have a season pass! My favorite character is Mickey Mouse! I love the holidays…Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Especially Christmas….I love Christmas…I wish it snowed here

9 Any questions? =)

10 We will go over them and practice them!
Daily Routines We will go over them and practice them!

11 Beginning of Class When you walk into our classroom…
Pick up your name card Pick up your book or handout Sit down at your desk Take out all the things you need Pen/pencil Paper/notebook Homework Books Put your backpack on the hook Keep your phone/ipod on silent in your backpack Get ready to do the DO NOW exercise-in your notebook

12 What if you don’t have your materials?
If you don’t have your materials…you are young adults…you don’t need to ask me…high school is to get you ready for college Get scratch paper from the bin Grab a pencil from the bin Share a book with a neighbor CAUTION!!! If we run out of scratch paper and pencils early…we will not have anymore for the rest of the year! So make sure you RETURN THE PENCILS and take only what you need! Just be responsible, kind, and respectful citizens of our class…don’t get out of your seat 20 times I will trust you to do the right thing =)

13 Class starts Do now exercise - in your notebooks Question of the day
I will take role as you do your DO NOW Question of the day Pass back homework - period leader When we share in class, we always raise our hands out of respect We always repeat what the last person said to show that we were listening

14 Period Leaders We will vote together as a class on TWO period leaders.
Period leaders must be responsible, confident, and reliable. Period leaders will be in charge of Monitor the class when there is a SUB Checking the laptops- at the end of period check they are all there Run errands - if I need something or find someone Answer phone - if I can’t get to it Pass back home work - during question of the day There will be TWO incase one is absent. The two period leaders will switch off every month. It is the two leaders responsibility to switch off each month

15 Whole Group During whole group this is when we will:
Lecture Discussion Read together as a class Questions/ comments After whole group, we will split into BLAST stations We will practice this A LOT I will put you into your stations

16 BLAST STATIONS Individual Station Direct Collaborative Station
Laptops Direct I will go over whatever you need help on Collaborative Station You will work together in groups We will have 30 min per station We will have 45 SECONDS to rotate I will always play the same 45 second song so you know when to switch WE WILL PRACTICE THIS A LOT!!!!

17 Station Leaders Each station will have leaders to make sure everyone is doing what they are supposed to be doing Depending on the station and rotation I will pick station leaders Most likely, they will be your two period leaders

18 CLOSING After BLAST stations, we will go back to our home desks
We get 45 seconds to get there! During CLOSING we will address any questions, comments, and concerns during BLAST stations We will do a recap of the day’s lesson We will do an EXIT TICKET TURN IN HOMEWORK AS YOU LEAVE

19 TURN IN YOUR HOMEWORK At the end of class each day, turn in your homework as you leave the door There will be a basket there with your period MAKE SURE YOUR NAME AND NUMBER IS ON YOUR HOMEWORK If you do NOT turn it in…even though you did it…I will not accept it the next day because it will be considered late homework.

20 ATTENTION! Sometimes when we are working diligently, we cannot hear the teacher… So in order to get your attention I will say…FREEZE!!! You will automatically freeze in place..whatever you are doing…FREEZE! Then I will say…EYE BALLS!!! Then you will turn to look at me Then I will say what I need to say Then I will say…GO!!! Then you go back to work! It’s fun! You MUST FREEZE in the position you are in!!!

21 Rules =) These rules are to help the class community…I will explain WHY we have these rules…if I forget, please remind me…thank you!

22 Respect Respect yourself Respect each other Respect your teacher
This is our home for the year and this is our family. Treat each other like one. Trust each other, help each other, respect each other, and TAKE CARE OF EACH OTHER. When you go to college, you are an adult and no one is there to take care of you. You must learn self respect, respect for others, and respect for your teachers early on, or else you won’t have a positive experience in college.

23 SAFE This classroom is a safe zone
I want you to walk in here and feel safe Treat it like your home No bullying No littering

24 Some things that will not make our class feel safe…
Curse Do not say RETARDED. FAG. GAY. HOMO. LOSER. Etc…(why? It hurts people’s feelings…be respectful) (accidental cursing I can understand but not on a regular basis) Back talk Do not talk back to a teacher or your peers (why? It hurts peoples feelings and create negative conversations…be respectful) Fighting Pushing, shoving, hitting, scratching, throwing, verbal, etc. (why? ITS DANGEROUS!!!!!) Walking around for fun Seriously…its distracting (why? Seriously…its respectful)

25 Students will not: Bully Groom Have side conversations
Physically, verbally, mentally, emotionally, electronically Groom Make up, nail polish, lotion, Have side conversations During teacher lecture, student presentation, group discussion, group work

26 Basically Be respectful of each other
I want you to like coming to my class I want you to like talking and being with your classmates The best way to do this is if everyone feels safe and respected

27 Consequences First offense: Second offense: Third offense:
Informal verbal warning Second offense: Formal verbal warning Third offense: You will have detention and worksheet Fourth offense: I will call your parents on the spot in class Fifth offense: You go say Hello to Principal Fountain

28 iPod/ iPhone/ iPad Don’t have them out. Ever. EVER!!!
Keep it in your backpack Keep it silent If I see you using it… WHY? Because its disrespectful and THEY DO NOT ALLOW THIS IN COLLEGE…GET USE TO IT EARLY ON…its really hard I know =( but you have to try and learn. In college, THEY MAKE YOU TURN YOUR PHONES OFF AND PUT THEM AWAY…im NOT making this up

29 Consequences As as school rule
If I see your phone or any electronic device out, I will take it away and give it to the office. If you do it AGAIN, you will have detention and a worksheet. If you do it AGAIN, I will call your parents. If you do it AGAIN, you will get a referral.

30 Bathroom You get 2 bathroom passes per semester Use them wisely
You will get another 2 the next semester There are no “roll over” passes

31 Walking around If I catch you leave my room or walking around the halls during bathroom pass I WILL FIND YOU AND I WILL GROUND YOU You will receive ZERO NONE NO WARNINGS if you leave my room without permission or if I catch you walking around the halls during bathroom pass You WILL DETENTION AND I WILL CALL YOUR PARENTS You do it one more time and you go say hello to Principal Fountain WHY? What if there was an emergency? Earthquake? And I can’t find you…what do I do then? I would not be able to live with myself if I lost you so please don’t do that to me!

32 CHEATING Don’t do it…Just don’t I follow Burton Tech rules on cheating
If you didn’t study for the test or if you didn’t do the homework or if you didn’t understand something just BE HONEST AND TELL ME I WILL NOT GET MAD I WILL HELP YOU I am here for help and support =)

33 Late homework I do not accept late homework
Why? In college you get one deadline…that’s it. If you don’t turn it in, too bad. I’m teaching you to get use to that mentality so you have a positive college experience. Any tests in class work/test/quiz you miss that day because you were absent…again…I need that note and you can make it up by the end of the following week If no note…then no make work.

34 Homework Write your name!!! It’s YOUR HARD WORK…be proud of it! PLUS someone else could steal it and write THEIR name on it Think of writing your name down on your assignments as copyrighting So no one else can steal your awesomeness =D

35 Computers We will use computers a lot in this class
When we use them there will be no: HARMING THE COMPUTERS (no downloading things, no taking off keys, no defacing, no throwing, no dropping, etc) No inappropriate sites STAY ON TASK If I catch you… I will tell you to stop…then verbal warning…then detention with worksheet…call parents…then you say hello to Principal Fountain WHY? WE NEED THE COMPUTERS TO LAST!!!!!!!

36 Respect. Safe. Family. I want this to be a great year for all of us and it can be if we follow these rules I will be very strict in enforcing these rules I will be kind, understanding, and respectful, but I am also fair and consistent I will not let anyone slide when it comes to breaking our classroom rules

37 Achieve 3000 We will go into this more later this week
If you get a score of 75+ You will receive a ticket IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO KEEP YOUR TICKETS If you earn enough tickets you can buy out at the end of the month You can get candy, school supplies, free bathroom pass, free homework pass The more tickets the bigger the prize

38 Homework Take home the syllabus and read it over with your parents
Have your parents sign it and bring it back WEDNESDAY AUGUST 7, 2013 And where will you put your syllabus…where will you turn it in and when?

39 Any last comments or questions? =)

40 Getting to know you game!!!

41 Survival You are stranded in a deserted Island
You have with you ONE thing…it can be ANYTHING EXCEPT your usual survival objects like water, fire, matches, machete, food, etc. You have with you (for example) and unicorn, a laptop, weights. We will go around the room telling the class what is the one thing you have with you

42 Survival Now, in your large groups
Figure out HOW YOU ARE GOING TO SURVIVE AND GET OUT OF THE ISLAND using your objects The group who can actually figure out a feasible (an actual) way to get off the island, will get stickers! I will choose!

43 HOMEWORK!!!! Have your parents sign your agenda BRING TWO NOTEBOOKS
Thank you and I hope you have a great great day!!!

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