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The major theme of Thomas Jefferson’s inaugural address was….? Limited Gov’t, and protection of civil liberties.

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1 The major theme of Thomas Jefferson’s inaugural address was….? Limited Gov’t, and protection of civil liberties

2 The power of the judiciary to declare an act of Congress unconstitutional is called….? Judicial Review


4 Who was the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court who wrote the opinion in the Marbury v. Madison……? John Marshall

5 What nearly doubled the size of the U.S. ………? Louisiana Purchase

6 Because___________ needed to reinforce the French military in the war against the British, he needed to sell the Louisiana Territory to the U.S. Napoleon Bonapart

7 What expedition attempted to find a river route to the Pacific Ocean? Lewis and Clark

8 The _______ caused American merchants to lose money and had little effect on the British and French…? Non-Intercourse Act

9 What banned international trade in 1807…? Embargo Act

10 What agreement ended the war of 1812..? The Treaty of Ghent

11 What transportation route ran from Albany to Buffalo, New York..? Erie Canal

12 The American System called for using tariff money to make the economy more self-sufficient as well as _______? Roads & Canals

13 The principle that European nations could no more establish colonies in the North and South America was set forth in the ________? Monroe Doctrine

14 Who decided the election of 1824? House of Rep.

15 _________ banned slavery in any state territory north of 36/30 latitude ? The Missouri Compromise

16 In 1819, the Supreme Court case, _______, asserted the implied powers of Congress in allowing for the creation of a national bank. McCullogh v Maryland

17 ________ application for statehood caused conflicts in the region over the issue of slavery. Missouri

18 In 1824, the Supreme Court case of, _________, said that the state could not interfere with the power of Congress to regulate interstate commerce. Gibbons v. Ogden

19 Allowing people to become more active in politics, ____ contributed to the expansion of democracy in the U.S. in the 1820s Jacksonian Democracy

20 In _______ case, the Supreme Court ruled that the national bank was constitutional. McCullogh v Maryland

21 What aspect of Native American history became known as the “Trail of Tears?” Forced removal of Native Americans, (800 mile walk)

22 Northerners supported tariffs in the early 1800s because tariffs helped them compete with ________ merchants. British

23 Northerners opposed the federal government’s sale of public land at cheap prices in the early 1800s because it encouraged potential laborers in the _____ to migrate west. North/NE

24 In the early 1800s Southerners opposed tariffs because they believed it only benefited ________ merchants Northern

25 How did various cultures shape one another in the Southwest after the Mexican Cession? With names on buildings, Mexican and American holidays were celebrated, and laws were written in english and in spanish.

26 What role did the transcontinental railroad play in California’s development? Increased economic development, more trade and travel.

27 The American expansionists’ slogan “____________” referred to the line to which they wanted their Northern territory extended. “54 forty or fight”

28 _______ is the idea the U.S. was bound to expand to the Pacific Ocean and spread democracy. Manifest Destiny

29 __________ was an American merchant that helped established trade in the Pacific Northwest. John Jacob Astor

30 The _____ led to the flood of Irish immigrants entering the U.S. in the mid-1840s. Potato Blight/Famine

31 What effect did Nat Turner’s Rebellion have on Southern society? People stopped discussing slavery openly.

32 The majority of German immigrants who entered the U.S. in the late 1840s were attracted by __________? Economic opportunity and freedom from gov’t control

33 Where did millions of immigrants that settled in the U.S. in the 19 th century come from? Europe.

34 True Or False One of the benefits of women’s reform work was that some men became involved in the women’s movement?

35 The ______ was a movement of Christian renewal that swept through the U.S. during the 1790s and the early 1800s. The Second Great Awakening

36 The _____ was a document written by women’s right activists that described their belief about social injustices toward women. Declaration of Sentiments

37 ______ founded the American Anti- Slavery Society and published the newspaper “The Liberator.” William Lloyd Garrison

38 Harriet Tubman was an escaped ______, who became an important African American Leader. Slave

39 The Underground Railroad organization was designed to help _______ escape to the North. Slaves

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