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The Cattle of The Sun God

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1 The Cattle of The Sun God
By Billy Wilkinson, Aj Uhl, and Eoghan McGee

2 Setting Agea sea cave, a grotto On the island of Thrinacia
Owned by Helios and his cattle Later onto the Mediterranean sea Then arrives at Calypso's island

3 Characters Odysseus- Main character, goes to war for 10 years,
journeys back home for 10 years. Helios- God of Sun: gets mad at odysseus and his men because they ate the sacred cattle. Lampetia- A nymph, tatles on Odysseus my main man, to Helios.Hermes- The messenger of the Gods Zeus- Most powerful God. The Sacred Cattle- Helios' cattle

4 Motivation Odysseus is motivated to return home to see his son and his wife, Penelope. Helios' motivation is to punish Odysseus and his crew for feasting on his sweet cattle.

5 Storyline Odysseus arrives at Thrinacia, the island of the sun god
Eurylochus persuades him to rest on the island a storm arrives and holds them there for a month the crew survives on the food and supplies in the ship

6 without listening to Odysseus the crew members slay the Sun god's cattle while Odysseus is sleeping
when the Sun God finds out he is furious! he asks Zeus to punish them once they set sail Zeus creates another storm which kills the entire crew except Odysseus the storm brings Odysseus back to Charybdis which he escapes again while sailing on the broken timbers of his ship he eventually reaches Calypso's island

7 Literary Elements Symbolism- Cattle- show temptation
Eurylochus- is the source of mob mentality and how the shipmates choose not to listen to Odysseus when nobody else does Resolution- Zeus destroys their boats and Odysseus is washed up at Calypso's island

8 Major Conflicts Odysseus vs. Crew- His crew thinks that they should eat the cattle, but Odysseus disagrees. Odysseus vs Helios- Helios is mad with Odysseus and his crew for eating his cows. Zeus vs. Shipmates- Zeus kills all of the crew and the boat. Odysseus vs. Environment- Odysseus sails along the remains of the ship to arrive at Calypso's island.

9 Lesson Learned Odysseus and his men hopefully learned about the true power of the gods. Odysseus realized that with poor actions comes punishment. Helios learned that Zeus can help him

10 Helios Zeus Odysseus | V Billy Wilkinson

11 Significant Passages "The cattle here are not for our provision, or we pay dearly for it" -Odysseus line numbers "To this my fighters nodded. Yes..." -Odysseus line number 843 "Now on the shore Eurylochus made his insidious plea: 'Comrades' he said, you've gone through everything; listen to what I say. All deaths are hateful to us, mortals wretches, but famine is the most pitiful, the worst end that a man can come to" -Eurylochus line numbers

12 "And the lord Helios burst into angry speech amid the immortals: O' Father Zeus and gods in bliss forever, punish Odysseus' men!" -Helios line numbers "When Zeus Cronion piled a thunderhead above the ship, while gloom spread on the ocean. We held our course, but briefly. Then the squall struck whining from the west, with gale force, breaking both forestays,..." -Odysseus line numbers "A backstay floated dangling from it, stout rawhide rope, and I used this for lashing mast and keel together. These I straddled, riding the frightful storm -Odysseus line numbers

13 Discussion Questions Do you think Zeus's punishment was fair?
What do the sun god's cattle represent? What is Helios' position in the gods? Do you believe Zeus is the ruler of all the other gods? Do you think Odysseus' curse will carry on to his next crew? Will Odysseus' curse ever disappear?


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