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Artificial Intelligence 13.05.09 -Presenter- 영어영문학과 07002055 이 상 욱 영어영문학과 08002070 정 재 현.

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1 Artificial Intelligence 13.05.09 -Presenter- 영어영문학과 07002055 이 상 욱 영어영문학과 08002070 정 재 현

2 1.Basic Information 2. Plot Summary 3. Key Words ※ Table of contents

3 -> Artificial Intelligence ※ Outline Release date : 2001.08.10 Time : 144mins Genre : SF, Drama, Fantasy Grade : PG-13 1. Basic Information

4 *Director -> Steven Spielberg Best Original Screenplay Oscar Best SF Film Award in 2001 awards ceremony *Main Characters -> Haley Joel Osment Frances O’Connor Sam Robards

5 2. Plot Summary Some day, the scientific civilization is developed astronomically and human achieve to make the intelligent robot. The robot can housework, gardening and even perform entertainment function. Meanwhile, Dr. Harvey declare that he will make a robot which can feel emotion as like human. Finally, he generate the first robot “David” which can feel sad, lonely, angry, jealousy and love. David is adopted into a Henry Swinton and Monica. Their real son was frozen because he had got contracted an incurable disease. Instead of him, David gradually become their son. One day, their real son Martin recover from the disease and back to home. So, David is thrown out with Super toy Teddy.

6 2. Plot Summary David who is left out from his lover Monica remember the story of Pinocchio. He think that Blue fairy makes him a real human, so he starts to travel to find a Blue fairy. During the travel, he meets another ass paddler robot “Joe” and go with him. They’re experienced a lot of troubles between ruined robots and people who hate them. Finally, his can not achieve his goal which hope to be a real human and his travel is also stopped in deep sea. After 2000 years, new organisms find him and grant his wish which is wanting to meet Monica again.

7 3. Key Words 1. Peacock - A peacock is a large bird. The male has a very large tail covered with blue and green spots, which it can spread out like a fan. 2. Neurone - nerve cell a specialized cell that conducts nerve impulses: consists of a cell body, axon, and dendrites 3. Furnace - A furnace is a container or enclosed space in which a very hot fire is made, for example to melt metal, burn rubbish, or produce steam. 4. Cutback - A cutback is a reduction that is made in something. 5. Sputum - Sputum is the wet substance which is coughed up from someone's lungs.

8 3. Key Words 6. Girder - A girder is a long, thick piece of steel or iron that is used in the framework of buildings and bridges. 7. Scheme - A scheme is a plan or arrangement involving many people which is made by a government or other organization. 8. Flesh - Flesh is the soft part of a person's or animal's body between the bones and the skin. 9. Displeased - If you are displeased with something, you are annoyed or rather angry about it. 10. Canary - Canaries are small yellow birds which sing beautifully and are often kept as pets.

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