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Professional Development

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1 Professional Development Professional Development By Stacy Cochran

2 What is Raz-Kids Raz-Kids is a website through Reading
It is an interactive reading website that allows students to listen to, read to self, and take quizzes on leveled books. Teachers can set it up so students can read on their own, read assigned books, or read just a level at a time. As students read they earn stars to use in Raz Rocket as an incentive to read more

3 How to Log In You have been given a log in through Reading
You will need to build your roster first. After logging in you will be directed to this page.

4 Single Student Addition
Create your roster You may add 10 students at a time or do it by single students The directions are very specific either way you go Single Student Addition Multiple Additions

5 How to check reports You can see one students progress or the entire classes progress To check a report click on the report tab

6 Example of Report Assignment Progress
This is an example of a report from my daughter’s usage

7 Example of Report Quizzes
You will notice that if she missed a question on the quiz it told me what type of question it is

8 Questions Now or Later If you have any questions now or later you can me, come see me, or even text me at home The site is very user friendly and once you experiment with it you will see how easy it is to use You have time today to begin adding your roster and your team will also get a half day in the next month to discuss how it is going

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