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W ELCOME TO D ESTINATION I MAGINATION ! A GENDA Sit back and enjoy the ride.

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3 A GENDA Sit back and enjoy the ride.

4 D ESTINATION I MAGI N ATION Students learn Creative Problem-Solving (CPS) skills Brainstorming & Divergent Thinking Exploring Open-Ended Questions (no single right answer) Improvisation Students develop skills: Teamwork/Communication Planning/Budgeting Research & Experimentation Presentation /Organization Fills the gap between what students learn in school and skills they need in the workplace Colleges & employers are looking for students who have developed these skills

5 Provides a supportive environment in which all ideas are team-generated Kids have ownership of solution They make mistakes & learn from them Students learn strategic life skills Adult team managers are only there to manage details of the team – adults do not tell students what to do, how to do it or when to do it Team’s solution is generated without interference

6 W HAT B USINESS IS S AYING … “ Destination ImagiNation participants STAND OUT among our new employees. Their presence, confidence and ability to lead put them YEARS AHEAD of their age and experience. Destination ImagiNation is making a difference in the high-tech future on a global basis.” --Roger Garriock, IBM Canada director of e-commerce development Destination ImagiNation’s outstanding participants

7 D ESTINATION I MAGI N ATION C OMPONENTS Central Challenge Instant Challenge Team Choice Elements

8 T HE DI P ROGRAM HAS T WO C OMPONENTS 1." Instant Challenges" Teams must solve a “surprise” challenge in a short time frame. Points are awarded for successful completion, novel solutions and teamwork. Kids learn creativity skills, divergent and convergent thinking, risk taking, time awareness, cooperation and have FUN! 2." Team Challenges” Teams use research, art, technology, performance, imagination and more as they tackle one of the 5 Team Challenges, open to all levels. The solution can take from several weeks to several months to develop and refine. Scoring is defined in the challenge and includes addition of an improv item and side trips (special item/skills team defines). Destination ImagiNation challenges students in many different ways

9 2013-2014 C ENTRAL C HALLENGES Technical Scientific Structural Fine Arts Improvisational Service Learning Early Learning

10 T EAM C HOICE E LEMENTS A Team Choice Element is an extra excursion that adds to the enjoyment, excitement, understanding, and “wow” factor of the Team Challenge!

11 T EAM C HOICE E LEMENTS These are the rules about Side Trips: Teams must showcase two DIFFERENT Specialties A TCE cannot be an item required in the Central Challenge A TCE cannot be part of an item that is already being scored More than one TCE CAN be demonstrated at the same time

12 T HE C REATIVE P ROBLEM S OLVING (CPS) P ROCESS Creative Thinking Phase Generation of Options Critical Thinking Phase Focusing/Evaluating of Options

13 HEADLINES! 3 minutes Each team member - Find 1-5 words that could make a headline that is related in some way to being a team manager Share your headline CREATIVITY is in all of us!

14 AFTER THE CHALLENGE What does a good team sound like? Did anyone on your team come up with a good idea that you would never have thought of yourself? Did your team include people with different personality “styles”? Did any of you feel sort of apprehensive or uncomfortable in the first moments of brainstorming ?

15 R ULES OF B RAINSTORMING Rule 1: Withhold Judgment of Ideas Allow students to conceptualize freely. All ideas are “good” ideas. Rule 2: Encourage WILD ideas! Encourage team members to be imaginative! Try to make each other laugh!

16 B RAINSTORMING Rule 3: Quantity counts! Encourage the team to push itself to come up with ideas until it runs dry. Encourage team members to not accept the first few ideas. Rule 4: Piggyback on the ideas of others! Encourage team members to use “SCAMPER” and put a new twist on ideas already given

17 C REATIVITY IS INFLUENCED BY : FLUENCY The ability to generate a great number of ideas FLEXIBILITY The skill that allows us to produce a variety of ideas ORIGINALITY The talent to think of unusual ideas ELABORATION The process of filling in all the details EVALUATION The process that allows us to select, test, and revise ideas

18 T HE SCAMPER T ECHNIQUE FOR B RAINSTORMING S Substitute C Combine A Adapt M Modify, Magnify, Minify P Put to Other Uses E Eliminate R Reverse

19 A-L O -U A Advantages Lo Limitations and How to Overcome Them U Unique Features (Wouldn’t it be nice if…?)

20 A-L O -U T OOL A CTIVITY F OR F OCUSING O PTIONS Sample Option: Our team will use only recycled materials in its solution. Advantages Limitations and how to overcome them Unique Features or Potentials

21 INTERFERENCE As stated in the Rules of the Road, the Team Challenge solution is owned and operated by the team! Only team members may contribute ideas and create the Team Challenge and Team Choice Elements. Help from non-team members, including Team Managers, is called Interference.

22 SOLVING THE CENTRAL CHALLENGE READ Rules of the Road The Central Challenge The Team Manager’s Guide


24 CHARACTERISTICS OF GROUPS THAT WORK Members trust each other Goals are clear and determined by the members Members feel as if they belong There is willingness to hear new ideas and suggestions Members identify with each other’s experiences

25 GROUPS THAT WORK Conflict is recognized and discussed with the intent to resolve it Members accept responsibility for group functions Communication between members is clear and direct Members use each other a a resource and as support Members define and understand ground rules

26 TEAM BUILDING IDEAS Help each other be right - not wrong Look for ways to make new ideas work - not reasons why they won’t work Help each other achieve and take pride in each other’s progress and growth Try to maintain a positive mental attitude Do everything with enthusiasm - it is contagious Whatever you want - give it away! Have FUN!

27 TEAM MEMBERS NEED TIME TO: Get to know each other Trust each other Feel they belong Respect each other’s strengths and weaknesses Learn to make decisions together Accept that all their ideas will not the final ones used Start to take pride in the team’s solution

28 D ON ’ T P ANIC …. Y OU ARE NOT ALONE ! Mariloly Gómez Obaya Cel Phone: (81) 80 10 88 76 E-mail:

29 -Albert Einstein Destination ImagiNation develops the most important skill in life “Imagination is more important than knowledge”. Knowledge is limited.

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