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Algebra II Lesson 1.4 – Word Problems.

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1 Algebra II Lesson 1.4 – Word Problems

2 Oral Drill What is the policy regarding late homework? Squaring?
What is an inverse operation? Taking the square root? What does GEMDAS stand for? Cubing? Why do we use GEMDAS instead of PEMDAS? Taking the 10th root? Moving one decimal place to the right? What is the inverse operation of addition? What is symbol for the union of sets? Subtraction? What is symbol for the intersection of sets? Multiplication? What is set notation? What does the intersection of a set mean? Division? What does the union of a set mean? X = {1, 2, 3, 4} Y = (3, 4, 5, 6} X ∪𝑌= ? What does the empty set mean? X ∩ 𝑌= ?

3 Annotations: 1. Read the entire problem without making any annotations. 2. Re-read the problem: First underline and annotate what the question is asking Then underline and annotate other important information Symbol Meaning ? What the question is asking Numbers and their units =  + - x < >   Operations and relationships x independent variable y dependent variable

4 Example #1: Before the market opens on Monday, a stock is priced at $25. If its price decreases $4 on Monday, increases $6 on Tuesday, and then decreases $2 on Wednesday, what is the final price of the stock on Wednesday?

5 Example #2: John can shovel a certain driveway in 50 minutes. If Mary can shovel the same driveway in 20 minutes, how long will it take them, to the nearest minute, to shovel the driveway if they work together?

6 Example #3: A student has a debit card with a prepaid amount of $270 to use for school lunches. The cafeteria charges $4.50 per lunch. Write an expression for the balance on the card after buying x lunches. Does your expression make sense for all positive integer values of x? Explain

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