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Pi By: The Caleb Keeton. About Pie It sure is yummy Thanks for listening Now about Pi.

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1 Pi By: The Caleb Keeton

2 About Pie It sure is yummy Thanks for listening Now about Pi

3 History of Pi attributed by Greek mathematician Euclid was the first recorded system used to show Pi as a mathematical constant. Pi is approximately equal to , which is also referred to the constant circumference. William Jones used the name Pi for the Greek letter meaning the perimeter in 1706, and at a later time referred more often by Leonhard Euler.

4 More History Mathematician Date Places Comments Notes 1 Rhind papyrus 2000 BC (= 4( 8 / 9 ) 2 ) Click for note 1 2 Archimedes 250 BC (average of the bounds) Click for note 2 3 Vitruvius 20 BC (= 25 / 8 ) Click for note 3 4 Chang Hong (= √10) Click for note 4 5 Ptolemy Click for note 5 6 Wang Fan (= 142 / 45 ) Click for note 6 7 Liu Hui Click for note 7 8, Zu Chongzhi (= 355 / 113 ) Click for note 8 9 Aryabhata (= / 2000 ) Click for note 9 10 Brahmagupta (= √10) Click for note Al-Khwarizmi Click for note Fibonacci Click for note Madhava Click for note Al-Kashi Click for note Otho Click for note Viète Click for note 16ArchimedesVitruviusPtolemyLiu HuiZu ChongzhiAryabhataBrahmaguptaAl-KhwarizmiFibonacciMadhavaAl-KashiViète

5 Hi-story 17 Romanus Click for note Van Ceulen Click for note Van Ceulen Click for note Newton Click for note Sharp Click for note Seki Kowa Kamata Machin Click for note De Lagny Only 112 correct Click for note Takebe Click for note Matsunaga Click for note von Vega Only 136 correct Click for note Rutherford Only 152 correct Click for note Strassnitzky, Dase Click for note Clausen Click for note Lehmann Click for note Rutherford Click for note Shanks Only 527 correct Click for note Ferguson Click for note 35RomanusVan Ceulen NewtonSharpSeki KowaMachinDe LagnyTakebevon VegaClausenShanks

6 Computer calculations of π Mathematician, Date, Places, Type of computer Ferguson, Jan 1947, 710, Desk calculator Kanada, Oct 1995, Kanada, Takahashi, Aug 1997, , HITACHI SR2201 Kanada, Takahashi, Sept 1999, , HITACHI SR8000

7 More History (Thought we are in math not history) The symbol for pi: was introduced by the English mathematician William Jones in 1706, who wrote: = This symbol was adopted by Euler in 1737 and became the standard symbol for pi.

8 Pi as a #

9 Pi is a # continued

10 Continued in smaller print

11 Stilll goin

12 Still Going…

13 Yepp Pi Is Still going

14 I guess Pi Never stops/ ends Pi Theme Song oD5Q&safety_mode=true&persist_safety_mo de=1&safe=active oD5Q&safety_mode=true&persist_safety_mo de=1&safe=active

15 The Movie Pi The Movie Pi The Movie 47w&safety_mode=true&persist_safety_mod e=1&safe=active 47w&safety_mode=true&persist_safety_mod e=1&safe=active

16 Some people are just crazy about pi! – Aka Mrs. Rivero So now lets watch this clip on Pi zo&feature=player_embedded&safety_mode= true&persist_safety_mode=1&safe=active zo&feature=player_embedded&safety_mode= true&persist_safety_mode=1&safe=active

17 References Include ages.html pi/index.html pi/index.html

18 CAN YOU LOSE YOUSELF IN PI dD4Q&safety_mode=true&persist_safety_mo de=1&safe=active dD4Q&safety_mode=true&persist_safety_mo de=1&safe=active

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