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P2 Describe three different

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1 P2 Describe three different
This is your second P.E. BTEC assignment. P2 Describe three different fitness training methods used to achieve excellence in a selected sport. To be completed for Friday 22nd October.

2 Layout for your assignment
A standard easy to read font, size 11 and black. Title, date and name must be on the work. Choose an elite athlete for the training methods to be applied to. You should have an introduction: Athlete (Sport, position and what needs training) Conclusion: What you believe the training methods will help the athlete achieve.

3 Keywords Describe: To tell or write about give a detailed account of what you are being asked to describe. To put pictures into words. Task describe your favourite sports star to your partner. You have 1 minute.

4 Keywords Training zone: The range of heart rate within which a specific training effect will take place. There are two main zones Aerobic 60-80% and Anaerobic 80% and above these are % of maximum heart rate. Males 220-age Females 226-age The intensity of work determines the zone and for specific fitness components this has to change.

5 Keywords Heart rate: The number of beats of the heart per unit of time (normally per minute).

6 We have looked at fitness training methods for Aerobic Endurance (Continuous, Fartlek and Interval training), Speed(Hollow Sprints, Acceleration sprints and Hill sprints) Muscular Strength and Power (Weight Training, Plyometric and Circuit Training).

7 Layout Type......(Aerobic endurance) Purpose What will it help your athlete develop within his or her sport?

8 Continuous training is...
Layout Continuous training is... Characteristics Fartlek training is ... Interval training is ... Use your exercise books you have this information, just put it into a word document!

9 Layout Considerations: Heart rate and training zones and why are they important. This is one method of training you have the information for two others. Each training method has different considerations. See word document

10 Starter Title: Lifestyle factors Date: 19th October 2010.
In your exercise books draw a circle and construct a pie chart of what you think a healthy diet is. For example 25% carbohydrates and so on ... Carbohydrates 25%


12 Planning P2 In your exercise books begin to plan your P2 assignment.

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