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America Enters the War 1914 - 1920 Chapter 6, Section 1.

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1 America Enters the War 1914 - 1920
Chapter 6, Section 1

2 Ch. 6 - General Overview Sec.1 – The U.S. Enters World War I
Sec.2 – The U.S. Home Front Sec. 3 – The Bloody Conflict Sec The Wars Impact

3 - Big Idea - President Wilson believed that promoting democracy around the world would make the United States more stable and prosperous. These ideals led the to U.S. involvement in the Mexican Revolution. In Europe, tensions were mounting as Arch Duke Ferdinand and his Wife were assassinated by Serbian nationalists. The system of alliances guaranteed other nations would join the conflict, and although the U.S. tried to remain neutral, they entered the war in 1917.

4 American Neutrality President Wilson wanted to remain neutral
Hard for Americans - many European immigrants live in U.S. Ex – 8 mil Germans in America

5 Pro-British British worked to win American support
Used propaganda to gain support Britain went as far as to cut the Trans-Atlantic Telegraph


7 There was sympathy for great Britain and France – why?
1. Common ancestry and language with great Britain- 2. U.S. & G.B. are both Democratic govts- 3. Strong economic ties with GB & France they owe us money – Money Lent to fight / support war – how much do we get back if they go under?

8 Britain began to deploy ships to block Germany from supplies
Germany knew allies needed supplies from U.S. Germany wanted to cut off supply lines by deploying “Unterseeboots” (Under Sea boats) or “U-Boats” Battle at Sea

9 U-Boat Atacks May 7, 1915 – Germany attacked passenger ship “Lusistania” Killing 1,200 (128 American) Wilson Overlooked it March 1916 – Germany attacked French Ship “Sussex” Wilson Overlooked It – focus on Mexico

10 Wilson Re-Elected Wilson demanded Germans stop attacking
Germany did not want U.S to get involved Sussex Pledge – Germany would no longer attack merchant ships Wilson Re-Elected because “He kept us out of the war”

11 Zimmerman Telegram German official Aurther Zimmerman – sent telegraph to Mexico (Jan.1917) Wanted Mexico to attack U.S. Goal - Tie up U.S. forces Promised Mexico, Texas, New Mexico & Arizona after the war

12 U.S. Joins War Zimmerman telegram intercepted & taken seriously
Germany resumed unrestricted sub-warfare (Feb.1917) Between Feb 3 – March 21, Germany sunk 6 U.S. Merchant Ships Wilson Declared War April 12, 1917!

13 Questions??????

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