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Tya Hyde Duane Hewins, Jr.. Wind power is….. Converting wind energy to some form of energy Example electrical energy.

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1 Tya Hyde Duane Hewins, Jr.

2 Wind power is….. Converting wind energy to some form of energy Example electrical energy

3 Wind power can be used for…. Electricity Generating … Water pumps Televisions Homes Offices Stores Machines Lights Saving money on energy bills Scattering plant seeds

4 Continue…. Making waves on lakes and seas Drying clothes Transportation Hang glider Sailboats Hot-air ballooning Wind surfing Wind-skating Turbines Windmills

5 How wind power is used

6 Cost of using wind power Commercial-scale turbines are at least $3.5 Million to be installed Smaller/residential scale turbines Overall lesser More expensive per kilowatt If its under 100 kilowatts cost about $3,000 to $5,000 per kilowatt Which means a 10 kilowatt machine (the size needed to power an average home) might cost $35,000-$50,000.

7 Continue….. The government gives you some of your money back as a tax credit. There is an installation fee Installation costs ranges up to $12,000. No monthly fee

8 Wind power is easily renewed by… Building Turbines Windmills No use of fossil fuels These are renewable because power is generated when the wind blows when the wind doesn't blow power is not generated.

9 Wind Energy is gathered/created When the sun unevenly heats up the earth. Most of the time its by using large wind turbines

10 Wind energy is stored by… Battery Compressed air

11 Positive effects of wind power Cheaper bills Not polluted Renewable Green energy Uses no fossil fuels Energy self-sufficient No carbon dioxide No monthly fee

12 Negative effects of wind power isn’t a constant Every day you may not have wind Turbines are expensive Noisy Appearance Tall Bulky Damages anything that gets to close Wildlife

13 The science be hide wind power… Is the generation of electricity… by spinning copper wires in magnetic fields and electric power generation, that stores or transmits the power by batteries or some other type of source to transmit them to the place of use.

14 The waste by-products of wind power There are no waste by products in less you was to say… Generation equipment Manufacture Transportation Installation Maintenance Removal/Disposal

15 Why isn't wind power widespeading Expensiveness Some places aren't suitable

16 Wind power becoming easily accessible to the public Its already accessible. But we are just know getting more into the “Green”

17 What Is What? The basic Structure is to have… 1. Blade 2. Hub 3. Generator 4. Gearbox 5. Tail 6. Tower Tail

18 1. By slowing down the speed of the wind. 2. The wind flows over blades causing them to turn. 3. The blades are connected to a drive shaft that turns an electric generator to produce electricity. How turbines/ windmills Work?

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21 3-D Model of my windmill After building After painting

22 Activity Fill in the diagram with the correct word and the question

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