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Computer for Helen By Selena Truong Teacher: Mr Rich Feb 12, 2013 Period 2_ semester 2.

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1 Computer for Helen By Selena Truong Teacher: Mr Rich Feb 12, 2013 Period 2_ semester 2

2 Helen Parr -A notable house wife -Run a baking business out of her kitchen -Needs a computer for: ● Business documents ● Advertising (photos) ● Her children’s studies ● e-mail and Facebook

3 Recommended computer Toshiba® Model: PSKGCC-003002 Found at Staples $549.92 I think this laptop would suit her demand perfectly. First, since she’s Mrs. Incredible, she should use something cool and stylish like a laptop. Second, this laptop has most suitable parts for her demand Website link

4 Chips Chip is the computer’s brain. This computer’s chip is: ● an AMD Third Generation one ● works at 1.9 GHz ● can answer 1,900,000,000 math questions/ sec ● works fast and is therefore a good deal for only $549.92

5 RAM RAM holds the working information When the power’s off, RAM is gone. The RAM in this laptop: ● Has 8GB DDR3 system memory ● This laptop works really fast ● Would answer you quickly in one click

6 Data Storage Hard Disk DriveSolid State Drive Store everything that is saved and will open when powered on Will crash so you need to be careful No moving parts Smaller and a lot lighter Has less storage than a HDD SSD may be a better choice but this laptop’s HDD is still good for Helen because: ● Helen is a very careful person so it would be likely that she won’t drop the laptop ● Has more room to store photos and maybe some animated design for advertisement. ● Also for storing her children’s different types of homework that may occupy lots of storage

7 DVD/ Blu-ray A DVD Burner is a drive that is mounted to your computer so that you can then play DVD, games, … Blu-ray is a new optical disc that was developed to enable recording, rewriting and playback of high-definition video (HD) I assumed this laptop would definitely come with a DVD Burner, like all normal laptop, probably not a Blu-ray. But it doesn’t matter if there’s not because: ● Helen wouldn’t let her children play games. She use this for work ● They don’t watch much videos either. If they do, they still have a TV

8 Network A network is very important. Without network, she can only use her computer for printing, writing, designing, … but no research nor online communicating like e-mail and Facebook at all. She can connect to the network by a network jack or using Wi-Fi. This computer has the Network Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n which she will definitely need to go on e-mail and Facebook to contact with her clients. I assumed it will also come with a network jack

9 Others Some other things that included in this laptop that might be useful for her like: ● Big screen, 15.6” HD LED Display ● The modern operating system Windows 8 ● AMD Radeon HD 7640G Graphics that helps her designing the advertisement or adding special effects on her photos ● HDMI to connect to the TV so that she can watch videos comfortably on the big screen ● The long-last battery that lasts up ‘til 6 hours ● One year warranty

10 Price This laptop is only $549.92, a wonderfully good deal for all its useful helps. For Helen, who uses her money tightly but wisely, this is an incredibly perfect chance to possess a good but fair price modern laptop $549.92

11 Flyer Ad’s link This is the link to your ideal computer, Now on sale $549.92

12 Works Cited Thank you

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