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By: Devon Dransen (President of Media Administration)

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1 By: Devon Dransen (President of Media Administration)

2  5 Teams In AFC and NFC  Every Team Makes Playoffs, With Bottom Two Seeds Playing a Play-In Game  Super Bowl Will Be Held At Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana. (ALL Teams Will Stay In That Big, New, Cool, Blue Looking Hotel)  Schedule Will Consist of Each Team Playing Each Conference Opponent, and 3 Non- Conference Opponents, For a 7 Game Schedule.

3 The Minnesota Vikings will be coached by Mr. O.J. Simpson. Killer? Who knows. Do the Vikings care? No. O.J. isn’t here for games. He’s all about winning. The Vikings are ready to set sail. Hinga-Dinga-Durgon! Minnesota Vikings- Pick 1

4 Mr. Brett Favre will be coaching the Green Bay Packers. Fans are ecstatic for Favre to return to Green Bay, some even saying that “We are looking for a minimum 8-peat.” (Dang fine explorer) Green Bay Packers- Pick 2

5 The Dolphins of Miami will be coached by Cat Dog. Yes, his name may sound misleading, but his coaching skills are out of this world. Dog is “super excited” for this opportunity and can’t wait to teach the Dolphins his ways. Miami Dolphins- Pick 3

6 The legendary Mike Ditka will be taking his talents to Dallas where he will look to rebuild America’s team. “I am tired of the pissy attitude ‘round here. Time to start winnin’ some (expletive) mother (expletive) games!” Dallas Cowboys- Pick 4

7 The Oakland Raiders will be coached by Mr. Paul Bunyan. “I definitely think Paul will create a good offensive and defensive line, given his size,” owner Al Davis said, “but they have to run at least a 4.3 40 in order to make the team.” Oakland Raiders- Pick 5

8 The Denver Broncos will be coached by Benjamin Domain, and his wife Pearl. Benjamin may be young, but boy is he fierce. Pearl will be serving as the water girl for the Broncos. “She better not mess up, or I be pisssseeeddddd.” Benjamin said. Denver Broncos- Pick 6

9 The New Orleans Saints are coached by Mr. Kevin Jarius. Jarius has been serving under Sean Peyton for 5 years now, and is ready to take over the franchise. “He did decent. At best. But when I’m here? Oh boy. Bout to f*** sh** up.” New Orleans Saints- Pick 7

10 The Cleveland Browns will be coached by Mr. Jim Tressel. Tressel moves to Cleveland after leaving Ohio State for raping 18 college students. Including 5 girls! Fans are happy though, saying his success will “surely” translate to the long lost Browns success. Cleveland Browns- Pick 8

11 The San Diego Chargers will be coached by Mr. John Gruden. Gruden comes from the MNF set, with an even tougher mindset. “I was so mother (expletive) tired of Jaws and Tirico on MNF. Seriously. Pricks. Let’s play some football. San Diego Chargers- Pick 9

12 The Philadelphia Eagles are coached by John Madden. With Madden’s coaching skills also comes 3 BK’s, 5 Taco Bell’s, and a prescription of Tough Actin’ Tinactin for each player. Philadelphia Eagles- Pick 10

13 CHECK TNFL OUT! POST ROSTERS AND STATS ON THE SITE!! @ I dropped the soap Wanna help?

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