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TheAMHGAdvantage.  AMHG was formed in the 4 th quarter of 2011 to bring together the very best management team to facilitate every aspect of the industry,

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1 TheAMHGAdvantage

2  AMHG was formed in the 4 th quarter of 2011 to bring together the very best management team to facilitate every aspect of the industry, including but not limited to site development, production, finance, capacity and marketing/sales.  AMHG brings well over 200 years of combined industry experience in manufacturing, retail, wholesale, marketing/sales, construction, transportation, import/export, project management, and finance.  AMHG has been the driving force behind Canadian manufactured homes, multi-family units and commercial structures to traditionally ‘stick’ build developers, builders, venture capitalist, and individuals in both the US and in Canada.  All Products supplied meet or exceed the standards laid out by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corp. (CMHC). Copies of documentation are available upon request. The Company

3  AMHG has established relationships and contracts with more than 13 different major manufacturers that have over 40 separate and independent manufacturing facilities throughout the United States and Canada. These plants and factories are located in 10 different states that facilitate production and capacity coast to coast in the US and 7 Provinces throughout Canada.  Consider the benefit to you if you could leverage the representation of the largest modular home buyers group in North America to facilitate your project; one organization with priority allotment on the production lines of multiple factories on a monthly basis, every month of the year that you can rely on.  With AMHG you have maximum flexibility when it comes to floor plans, décor and options in the building you are constructing.  Would you like the confidence of knowing you paid the very best price possible because you have the buying power of AMHG behind you? With repeat orders comes volume discounting from the factories for your project. The Concept

4  Leveraging AMHG’s experience will allow you to build the right product at the right plant to the maximum benefit of your project. You can use the strengths of any factory to ensure you have maximized the profitability of your project. If your project could benefit more by using two or more plants to build each specific type of home to their respective expertise, AMHG will identify that for you and reduce the time spent on completing your project.  Time is money, and completing your project in 6 months start to finish using Modular Housing instead of waiting 12-15 or even 18 months for a site built product is a great way to maximize your profits and R.O.I. The Concept

5  AMHG has gained direct access to factories without requiring a dealership lot or the need to carry inventory. We specialize in the following products:  Residential: SFR & duplex, multiplex, apartment and condo style living including golf communities, mobile home parks, senior living.  The ability to go vertical up to 4 floors  Commercial/Local law enforcement  Hotels/Motels  Education/School buildings  Labor camps/high density housing for the oil and mining industries  Resort and RV style models The Process

6  STEP 1: Complete the necessary paperwork.  E.g., confidentiality agreements, Buyers Group paperwork.  STEP 2: Utilize your assigned AMHG representative to obtain pricing and specs for your desired product.  STEP 3: AMHG will set you up to deal directly with manufacturers on your specific details like architectural design modifications and finishes.  This provides control over every aspect of the transaction. The Process

7 Track Record  The AMHG Team has experience:  Conducting 18,000+ homes in the US and Canada over 17 years as well as an additional 5,500 real estate transactions  Last 8 years = $110M (USD) in inventory bought/sold on behalf of clients  Has assisted in providing hundreds of living units for emergency housing in the US  Has been involved in shipping numerous product to 4 other countries  FEMA/National housing relief shipped from coast to coast, including Hawaii and Alaska  AMHG’s current production (on-line or ordered) exceeds 100 floors.  Current exclusive contracts from developers to purchase:  800+ floors  3 high-end golf course communities  2 high-end land developments

8  AMHG currently works with investment funds including:  A fully-reporting public company  Venture Capital Firms  Private Placement Firms  Our own in-house capital  AMHG has provided bridge financing in value over $10M.  Special bridge financing available for community and park owners.  Exclusive contracts in place for bridge financing on over 600 floors on behalf of developers.  AMHG assists Buyers Group Members with securing third party retail finance for the end-user. Financing

9  Who can join the AMHG?  Anyone buying one or more homes per year: Builders, Developers, Park owners, Investors  No cost associated with becoming a Buyers Group Member  Members have access to any of the AMHG approved manufacturers across the U.S. and Canada  Eliminates being locked into only one manufacturer that:  Is limited to selling only one brand of home  Has limited floor plans/elevations  Cannot meet the pricing objectives  Is located further away than other manufacturers resulting in increased finished and transportation cost  Through AMHG, members have the ability to buy direct from the factories at true “factory invoice”. How?  Larger purchase volumes allow AMHG to negotiate with manufacturers  AMHG is paid directly from the manufacturers in the form of rebates  Members benefit from the buying group’s volume with:  Lowest prices  Expedited production  Rewards for their repeat business Members Benefits

10 Thank You For Your Interest! Rob Smith

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