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Labor Unions Lecture 5.

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1 Labor Unions Lecture 5

2 Standard Analyze the effect of urban political machines and responses by immigrants and middle-class reformers. Essential Question: Why did the Haymarket Square Riot and Pullman Riots happen? What happened as a result?

3 Labor Unions Collective bargaining
Unions allow workers to negotiate with their bosses as a group shorter work hours, safer working conditions, unions collect dues to raise money for their causes the National Labor Union = 1st Large Labor Union


5 Partner A Give an example of a Collective Bargaining Union? Explain the advantages of disadvantages of having a Union.

6 Get A Job!!! Skilled Worker Unskilled Worker
workers that possess some expertise, training, or education that make them hard to replace masons, carpenters, blacksmiths, and bakers Unskilled Worker workers that possess no specific training and are easily replaced miner, factory assembly

7 In this slide we see coal miners, most of whom are boys, in Pennsylvanian. (2.2G)


9 Strike Terminology…Don’t Write
work-to-rule workers perform their tasks exactly as they are required to but no better sickout the strikers call in sick sit-down strike workers may occupy the workplace, but refuse either to do their jobs or to leave general strike Strike that involve all workers, or a number of large and important groups of workers, in a particular community or region sympathy strike one group of workers refuses to cross a picket line established by another as a means of supporting the striking workers.

10 The Triangle Shirtwaist Company Fire – 1911

11 Bomb Riots Haymarket Square Riot, 1886 Rally for union workers
Bomb Went Off Turned into a riot killed 7 police and many civilians 8 anarchists were arrested for murder anti-immigrant, anti-labor prejudice hurt unions

12 Partner B What happened at the Haymarket Square Riot?

13 Knights Of Labor Knights of Labor, 1869
secretive union that allowed any worker (skilled or unskilled) to join except liquor dealers, gamblers, and lawyers became very unpopular after the Haymarket Square riot

14 Partner A What was the downfall of the Knights of Labor?

15 Samuel GompeRs American Federation of Labor, 1886
Led by Samuel Gompers Made up of skilled unions AFL is the largest union organization in the US today Successful it was anti-immigrant especially anti-Chinese

16 strikers at a textile mill in Lawrence, Massachusetts, being held back by federal troops. (2.2H)

17 STRIKE!!! Pullman Strike, 1893 Pullman Palace Car Company cut pay by 28% worker’s rent was not lowered 125,000+ workers went on strike in Chicago shut down the nation’s railroads 12,000 troops broke up the strike because they interfered with the US Mail Eugene V. Debs went to jail and became a socialist

18 Pullman Strike, 1893

19 Partner B What happened as a result of the Pullman Riots?

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