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Developmental B.E. in the Basque Country by Douglas Davies, Luis Marinez, Siying Li, Ryanna Navaroli, Dianne Mitra.

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1 Developmental B.E. in the Basque Country by Douglas Davies, Luis Marinez, Siying Li, Ryanna Navaroli, Dianne Mitra

2 The Basque Country Location: historic region of northern Spain encompassing the provincias (provinces) of Álava, Guipúzcoa, and Vizcaya (Biscay). Spain Álava Guipúzcoa Vizcaya Demographics: In the late 20th century probably about 850,000 true Basques lived in Spain and 130,000 in France; as many as 170,000 Basques may live in emigrant communities outside Europe, mostly in South America and the United States. Basques Spain France; United States Language: Of the 2.1 million people in the Basque Country autonomous region, 23 percent could understand Euskera, 21 percent could speak it, but only 13 percent could read the language and only 10 percent could write it. Initial linguistic position of children: In 1978, Basque and Castilian Spanish Castilian became the official languages of the autonomous Basque Country of Spain. Basque Country

3 The language of Basque

4 Goals for the program ● Avoid cultural extinction ● Make Eurkara sustainable and practical o Read o Write o Speak o With Spanish (possibly with another language)

5 Language Policy ● Arrangement between Catholic church and central government to allow church to provide Euskara- medium education in ikastolas (1960s) ● Spanish Constitution 1978 ● The Act of Normalization of the Basque Language (1982)

6 The three bilingual models Euskadi has 3 bilingual education programs: Model A: instruction is carried out in Spanish. Euskara has the status of language subject taught for a stipulated number of hours. Model B: schooling is carried out in equal proportions through two languages(Spanish and Euskara), and in addition both languages are taught as subjects. Model D: Schooling is carried out in Euskara, and Spanish is taught as a subject.

7 Advantages of Euskara Language Development Programs Euskadi people won’t lose their heritage language. It helps reverse the language shift which language is threatened. It has positive impact on cognition. we think more with creativity and flexibility.It makes brain stronger. We understand other cultures better.

8 Disadvantages of Euskara Language Development Programs -Usage of language among the community might be minimal -Language as a resource will be scarce within the workforce - the program of Euskara has certain modules that don’t help develop the langauge as fluently

9 Overall Perspective of the Program -good start to maintain Euskara alive -motivates other languages to seek revitalization -creates new ways of building community -further development towards dynamic or recursive -teaching should be approached

10 Arizko Ikastola -Arizko Ikastola, Matxitxako kalea z/g, 48970 Basauri. Telf: 94 440 51 60 -All areas of the school, strengthen and promote the use of Basque. At the end of compulsory education to ensure that control the two official languages. Oral comprehension and expression of a foreign language and make sure that knowledge. -Teaches respect for cultural and linguistic diversity educated student.

11 Interesting Aspects of the Program -Truly democratic. All members of the school have the opportunity to influence the decision-making and management of the program -Learn about other people, cultures, and people cooperation. Also teach solidarity and develop respectful attitudes. -Give students the capabilities to strengthen and develop into adults, without any prejudices

12 U.S. Comparison -both had hard times finding teachers for the programs - lack of administrative support - find English as most essential

13 Reference List Mercator Research Prospect Journal: Language Planning and Revitalization of Euskara Britannica: basque Language Britannica: Basque Country Studies: Basque Bilingualism, Immersion Programmes and Language Learning in the Basque Countr y A rizko Ikastola

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