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The World Before Modern Times

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1 The World Before Modern Times
Ch 1 Prehistory to 1500CE 1.1 Ancient Civilizations



4 Ch1.1 Vocab Monotheism Mandate of Heaven Oligarchy Democratic Republic
Culture Cycle Classical

5 Nomads to Civilized Folk
Paleolithic Period Earliest humans used tools, fire Hunters/gatherers Culture evidenced by cave paintings

6 Neolithic Revolution About 10,000BC
Grow grains and domesticate animals Leads to permanent communities First civilizations spring up

7 Egypt and Western Asia! Boom Civilizations Developing cities
Organized states Political, military, social, and religious systems Written language Record keeping ENORMOUS monuments Bust Smaller states rise: Phoenicians and Israelites Assyrians and Persians bring peace and prosperity to Middle East


9 Egypt vs. Mesoamerica Pyramids of Giza – 2500BC +/-
Pyramids of Mexico – 900AD +/-

10 Ancient Aliens: What are the Pyramids?
Straight from the History Channel!

11 Key Elements of India Two major empires: Mauryan and Gupta
Indus River Valley, BCE Aryan arrival creates rigid caste system Hinduism and Buddhism


13 Greeks! Contributions Western culture
Philosophy, literature, art, politics, etc. City-states Peloponnesian War: 5th Century BC Thinkers: Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle Hellenistic Era Alexander the Great Four kingdoms


15 Ancient China First Dynasty Mandate of Heaven Shang, about 1600 BC
Gives kings a divine right of rule What is the Chinese cultural definition of Heaven?


17 Roman Empire Biggest Contributor to American Society
Language, culture, politics, law, societal constructs, architecture City of Rome unifies Italian peninsula Republic ruled by oligarchy of aristocrats Republic to Empire Defeating Carthage, Macedonia, Greece, and more And then….COLLAPSE Civil war, invasion, plague, economic decline Christianity takes root


19 Discussion & Review The peoples of ______ and ______ built the first civilizations. Mesopotamia and Egypt What empire preceded the Gupta empire in India? Mauryan What was the first Chinese dynasty? Shang

20 The World Before Modern Times
Ch 1, Lesson 2 New Patterns of Civilization



23 Ch 1.2 Vocab Lineage group Landed aristocrats Sultanate Feudalism

24 World of Islam – 700CE Contributions
Math, science, literature, and art Arab Empire Muhammad Umayyad and Abbasid Dynasties Islamic Civilization Built on Quran Extensive trade network From E Europe to SE Asia! Absorbed conquered culture Brought code of law and written language to conquered ppls

25 Islam Cont’d.

26 Islam Cont’d.

27 Early Africa – 1300 AD Major Civilizations Egypt, Kush, Axum
Zimbabwe under Islam Trading States Ghana and Mali Songhai Empire: salt and gold Society Based on lineage groups Many gods and spirits Ancestor worship Traditions in art, music and architecture European threat Around 1400 AD the Portuguese began exploring West Africa for gold and slaves.

28 Medieval Asia – 500 CE Massive growth and conflict China
Five dynasties over 1000 years Japan Long isolated, begins to adopt Chinese customs, technology, and culture India Invasions from Islam, sultanate of Delhi Religious turmoil: Hindus, Buddhists, and Muslims Southeast Asia Other societies flourish because of the success and power of Chinese and India civilizations


30 Europe in Middle Ages – 800 CE
Western Civilization Begins! Carolingian Empire Fall of Western Roman Empire Charlemagne fuses Rome and Germans with Christianity Feudalism puts nobles in charge High Middle Ages 1000 to 1300 sees rapid growth in agriculture, production, trade, cities, towns, and economies Catholicism is King Dominant religion Culture and Decline 1300s include plague, war, trade declines, and a series of unfortunate events.


32 Byzantine Empire Eastern Rome becomes Byzantine Empire
Prospers for hundreds of years Macedonia – 9th, 10th, and 11th Centuries Culture Spreads To the Balkans, central Europe and Russia Greek classics make comeback Falls because of Crusades and Ottoman Turks in 1452


34 Americas – 5000BC Central/South Cultures North Cultures Maya and Aztec
Calusa in Florida! Central/South Cultures Maya and Aztec Temples, pyramids, palaces Polytheistic Human sacrifice Inca Fall to Spanish in 15th Century North Cultures Inuit, Anasazi, and Iroquois, etc.




38 Discussion & Review The eastern Roman Empire became the _________ Empire Byzantine Name two civilizations which pyramids? Mesoamerican and Egyptian In Central and South America, what dominant cultures first flourished? Maya, Aztek, & Inca

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