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Science Vocab..

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1 Science Vocab.

2 Science Science is observing, studying, and experimenting to find the nature of things

3 Technology Technology can be important to some people, but may have little impact on other.

4 Scientific Law States that warm objects always become cooler when they are placed in cooler surroundings.

5 Scientific Theory Scientific theories are always being questioned and exarmined.

6 Critical Thinking The ability and willingness to assess claims critically and to make judgments on the Basis of objective and supported reasons.

7 Scientific Method In the scientific method, critical thinking is used to solve scientific problems.

8 Variable That can affect the outcome of the experiment are kept constant, or controlled, except for one.

9 Mass A measure of the amount of matter in an object.

10 Weight A measure of the gravitational force exerted on an object.

11 Volume A measure of the size of body or region in three- dimensional space.

12 Length A measure of the straight-line distance between two points.

13 Steps Observe-observe anything in nature
Formulate a question-what do you want to know Research & collect data – what is already known about your question? Form a hypothesis – propose an answer to your question based on observations, research, and data

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