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E.O. 2 Review.

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1 E.O. 2 Review

2 The oldest religion still in practice is:
Buddhism Hinduism Christianity Judaism

3 What is the evidence that Neanderthals expressed religious beliefs?
Carved ivory statues in gravesites Glass beads in gravesides Flint tools and prepared food in gravesites All of the above

4 Hinduism historically gained the most new converts outside the Indian subcontinent where?
Sub-Saharan Africa Southeast Asia Arabia China

5 In the Bhagaadgita Arjuna learns that he should follow his dharma
Krishna is the commander of Arjuna Krishna tells Arjuna that Arjuna is not truly a warrior Arjuna leanrs that pacifism is the proper way of Hindu

6 The dance of this god symbolizes the cycle of creation and destruction
Shiva Krishna Brahma Vishnu

7 According to the Upanishads, the time for “forest wandering”, or reflection, is the
First stage of life Second stage of life Third stage of life Fourth stage of life

8 Regarding Hinduism, it is most true that
Temples were usually directed by the peasants Brahmin priests often donated their land to the king Brahmin priests often supported local rulers Religion and politics were strictly separated

9 Which of the following is NOT an original caste?
Vaishya Sudra Jatis Brahmin Kshatriya

10 For the Buddha, unhappiness was caused by
Desire The wish to reach enlightenment The inaccurate teachings of the brahmins The inability for souls to be reincarnated

11 Buddhism in China Conflicted sharply with Daoism
Enjoyed immediate and lasting favor in the ruling classes Came from India via sea trading routes Developed a sect called Chan, which later became Zen in Japan

12 The Buddhist center furthest from the site of Buddha’s enlightenment is
Bamiyan Edo Kandy Kotabangun

13 According to Jewish beliefs, God
Has always maintained the same outlook toward the Jews Is accessible only through rabbis Would sometimes dialogue with humans Would be invoked by repeatedly chanting his name out loud

14 The Torah Is notable for its absence of miracles
Has changed little since it was written Was written just before the birth of Christ Begins with the exodus of the Jews from Egypt

15 Regarding gender relations, the Torah
Gave women more religious rights than men Hold that men and women are equal Advocate polygamy Gave women fewer civil rights than men

16 Before the death of Solomon, the Jewish state controlled from the Euphrates to
The Sea of Galilee The Mediterranean Sea The Red Sea The Dead Sea

17 Which of the following Jewish groups stayed aloof from politics and preached the end of the world?
Pharisees Zealots Sadducees Essenes

18 Which diaspora caused the most fundamental and lasting change for Jews?
Babylonian diaspora Diaspora at the hands of the Romans Diaspora in Egypt Diaspora at the hands of the Assyrians

19 The four Christian gospels were written
Between about 70 CE and 100 CE By the apostle Paul With the strict guidance of Roman censors Just after the crucifixion of Jesus

20 By 250 CE, most of Rome’s Christians were members of the
Military Lower class Middle class Upper class

21 Which of the following locations was NOT visited by Paul on his fourth journey?
Italy Crete Macedonia Malta

22 Emperor Theodosius Was overthrown by Constantine
Made Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire Practiced religious tolerance Gave special privileges to Jews

23 Augustine Supported the separation of church and state
Taught that the path to salvation was through human reason Was a bishop in Rome who eventually became the first pope Held that the spiritual cannot be separated from the political

24 Charlemagne Was a great friend of the Eastern emperor in Constantinople Was the major reason why Europe entered the Dark Ages Suffered several defeats which cut the size of his empire by half Was crowned Roman Emperor by the Pope

25 Name the Five Pillars of Islam
Faith Alms Hajj Fasting Prayer

26 Abu Bakr Was a direct descendent of Muhammad Was the first caliph
Refused to use force to keep converts faithful to Islam Ruled for nearly 30 years

27 The Shi’as Wanted the caliph to focus on imperial aspirations
Are currently the majority of the Islamic world Thought that descendants of Ali should be imam Were most numerous in Egypt

28 Many of the major agricultural exchanges that helped the Islamic world came from
Sub-Saharan Africa India Coastal eastern Africa The Fertile Crescent

29 Which of the following religious advocates a complete separation of spiritual and commercial matters? Islam Judaism Hinduism Christianity

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