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 E.O. 2 Review. The oldest religion still in practice is:  Buddhism  Hinduism  Christianity  Judaism.

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1  E.O. 2 Review

2 The oldest religion still in practice is:  Buddhism  Hinduism  Christianity  Judaism

3 What is the evidence that Neanderthals expressed religious beliefs? CCarved ivory statues in gravesites GGlass beads in gravesides FFlint tools and prepared food in gravesites AAll of the above

4 Hinduism historically gained the most new converts outside the Indian subcontinent where? SSub-Saharan Africa SSoutheast Asia AArabia CChina

5 In the Bhagaadgita AArjuna learns that he should follow his d harma KKrishna is the commander of Arjuna KKrishna tells Arjuna that Arjuna is not truly a warrior AArjuna leanrs that pacifism is the proper way of Hindu

6 The dance of this god symbolizes the cycle of creation and destruction  Shiva  Krishna  Brahma  Vishnu

7 According to the Upanishads, the time for “forest wandering”, or reflection, is the  First stage of life  Second stage of life  Third stage of life  Fourth stage of life

8 Regarding Hinduism, it is most true that TTemples were usually directed by the peasants BBrahmin priests often donated their land to the king BBrahmin priests often supported local rulers RReligion and politics were strictly separated

9 Which of the following is NOT an original caste? VVaishya SSudra JJatis BBrahmin KKshatriya

10 For the Buddha, unhappiness was caused by  Desire  The wish to reach enlightenment  The inaccurate teachings of the brahmins  The inability for souls to be reincarnated

11 Buddhism in China  Conflicted sharply with Daoism  Enjoyed immediate and lasting favor in the ruling classes  Came from India via sea trading routes  Developed a sect called Chan, which later became Zen in Japan

12 The Buddhist center furthest from the site of Buddha’s enlightenment is  Bamiyan  Edo  Kandy  Kotabangun

13 According to Jewish beliefs, God HHas always maintained the same outlook toward the Jews IIs accessible only through rabbis WWould sometimes dialogue with humans WWould be invoked by repeatedly chanting his name out loud

14 The Torah IIs notable for its absence of miracles HHas changed little since it was written WWas written just before the birth of Christ BBegins with the exodus of the Jews from Egypt

15 Regarding gender relations, the Torah GGave women more religious rights than men HHold that men and women are equal AAdvocate polygamy GGave women fewer civil rights than men

16 Before the death of Solomon, the Jewish state controlled from the Euphrates to  The Sea of Galilee  The Mediterranean Sea  The Red Sea  The Dead Sea

17 Which of the following Jewish groups stayed aloof from politics and preached the end of the world? PPharisees ZZealots SSadducees EEssenes

18 Which diaspora caused the most fundamental and lasting change for Jews? BBabylonian diaspora DDiaspora at the hands of the Romans DDiaspora in Egypt DDiaspora at the hands of the Assyrians

19 The four Christian gospels were written  Between about 70 CE and 100 CE  By the apostle Paul  With the strict guidance of Roman censors  Just after the crucifixion of Jesus

20 By 250 CE, most of Rome’s Christians were members of the  Military  Lower class  Middle class  Upper class

21 Which of the following locations was NOT visited by Paul on his fourth journey? IItaly CCrete MMacedonia MMalta

22 Emperor Theodosius  Was overthrown by Constantine  Made Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire  Practiced religious tolerance  Gave special privileges to Jews

23 Augustine  Supported the separation of church and state  Taught that the path to salvation was through human reason  Was a bishop in Rome who eventually became the first pope  Held that the spiritual cannot be separated from the political

24 Charlemagne  Was a great friend of the Eastern emperor in Constantinople  Was the major reason why Europe entered the Dark Ages  Suffered several defeats which cut the size of his empire by half  Was crowned Roman Emperor by the Pope

25 Name the Five Pillars of Islam  Faith  Alms  Hajj  Fasting  Prayer

26 Abu Bakr  Was a direct descendent of Muhammad  Was the first caliph  Refused to use force to keep converts faithful to Islam  Ruled for nearly 30 years

27 The Shi’as WWanted the caliph to focus on imperial aspirations AAre currently the majority of the Islamic world TThought that descendants of Ali should be imam WWere most numerous in Egypt

28 Many of the major agricultural exchanges that helped the Islamic world came from SSub-Saharan Africa IIndia CCoastal eastern Africa TThe Fertile Crescent

29 Which of the following religious advocates a complete separation of spiritual and commercial matters?  Islam  Judaism  Hinduism  Christianity

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