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Beautifully crafted by: CASSIE LINDGREN Bounce, B-B-B-Bounce!

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1 Beautifully crafted by: CASSIE LINDGREN Bounce, B-B-B-Bounce!

2 How does the flooring surface affect the height, in inches, of a basketball?

3 Variables Manipulated: Type of flooring surface Cement Vinyl Hardwood Responding: The height of the bounce of the ball In inches Controlled: Same air pressure in the basketball (10 psi) Same starting height (48in) Same climate (no rain, no wind)

4 Hypothesis If you bounce a basketball on 3 different flooring types, then the ball will bounce the highest on a hardwood floor because this is the type of flooring that basketball players play on so it must give off the best bounce.

5 Materials 3 Basketballs Pressure Gage Pump Vinyl Sports Flooring Hardwood Gym Floor Cement Tape Measure Strapping Tape Wooden Plank Flat Scrap of Wood

6 Procedure 1. Label each ball 1, 2, and 3. 2. Using the pressure gage, make sure all the basketballs are pumped up to 10 psi. 3. At a gym with Vinyl flooring, tape the measuring tape to the board and hold the scrap on top. 4. Hold the ball at 4 ft, with top of ball against bottom of scrap to maintain consistent drop height. 5. Drop the ball, using no force. 6. Record how high the basketball bounced on its first bounce. 7. Repeat 2 more times for a total of 3 trials. 8. Repeat again with balls numbers 2 and 3. 9. Repeat steps 1-6 on a Hardwood floor and on a Cement floor.

7 Data FloorTrial 1 (inches) Trial 2 (inches) Trial 3 (inches) Average (in) Basketballs: 123123123123 Cement 31.5 29 31.530.5313031.530.53130.3 Vinyl 32 31 32.53231.5 3231.53231.6 Hardwood 33323332.5 33.532.53332.532.632.532.6 Cement30.6 Vinyl31.7 Hardwood32.56 Overall Averages

8 Conclusion After concluding this experiment, I learned my hypothesis was correct; hardwood floors give off the highest bounce. Cement bounced lower with an average of 30.6 inches while hardwood’s bounce average was 32.56 inches. This is a difference of 1.96 inches. Therefore, I learned that the smoother the surface, the higher the bounce because of less friction.

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