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Multiple Choice For Final Exam 1.Fishing is his favorite hobby, and ______ A. hed like to collect coins as well B. he feels like correcting coins, too.

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2 Multiple Choice For Final Exam

3 1.Fishing is his favorite hobby, and ______ A. hed like to collect coins as well B. he feels like correcting coins, too C. to collect coins is also his hobby D. collecting coins also gives him great pleasure 2.How about the two of us ____ a walk down the garden? A. to take B. take C. taking D. to be taking

4 3. The purpose of new technologies is making life easier, ______ it more difficult. A. not make B. not to make C.not makingD. do not make 4. Tony was very unhappy for _____ to the party. A. having not been invited B. not having invited C. having not invited D. not having been invited

5 5. Mr. White and I keep in touch ____ writing often. A. with B. on C. by D. from 6. Charles Babbage is generally considered ____ the first computer. A. to invent B. inventing C. to have invented D. having invented

6 7. We are busy. We cant help ______ the house. A. cleansB. clean C. cleaning D. cleaned 8. Ill give this dictionary to _____ wants to have it. A. whomever B. whoever C. whom D. whatever

7 9. Well do what we can ______ you. A. help B. to help C. helped D. helps 10. The day she was looking forward to _____ at last. A. coming B. come C. came D. comes

8 11. That is the reason ______ he gave us for carrying out the plan. A. because B. why C. when D. which 12. Father made a promise _____ I passed the exam he would buy me a bike. A.that B. if C. whether D. that if

9 13. _____ the letter, tears kept coming to her eyes. A.To read B. She was reading C. Reading D. While she was reading 14. Mr. Smith is a warm-hearted person. He often helps me _____ I ask him to. A. whatever B. whenever C. wherever D. however

10 15. I, ______ your friend, will try my best to help you out. A. that is B. who is C. who am D. who are 16. _____ enough time, but I couldnt do it better. A. Given B. To be given C. I was given D. Although I was given

11 17.Early ______ the morning of May 1, we started off ____ the mountain village. A. in; for B. in; to C. on; / D. on; for 18. The visiting minister expressed his satisfaction with the talks, _____ that he had enjoyed his stay here. A. having added B. to add C. adding D. added

12 19. European football is played in 80 countries, ______ it the most popular sport in the world. A. making B. makes C. made D. to make 20. _____ up at his father, he asked what was the matter with him. A. Having looked B. Looking C. To look D. Look

13 21. ______ from his clothes, he is not so poor. A. Judged B. Judging C. To judge D. Having judged 22. _____ such heavy pollution already, it may now be too late to clean up the river. A. Having sufferedB. Suffering C.To suffer D. Suffered

14 23. Its well worth ______the effort to learn how to do it. A. making B. being made C. to make D. to be made 24. The detective, _____ to read a newspaper, glanced at the man ___ next to a woman. A. pretending; seating B. pretending; seated C. pretended; seating D. pretended; seated

15 25. New ideas sometimes have to wait for years before ______. A. being fully accepted B. fully accepted C. fully accepting D. fully being accepting 26. _____ ill worried my parents greatly. A. I fell B. Me falling C. My falling D. I falling

16 27. She suggested______ for an outing the next Sunday. A. go go C. going D. gone 28. He asked who was the man_____ on. A. to be operating B. operating C. to operate D. being operated

17 29. She is writing a letter to a friend of hers, ______ him to attend the party. A. having invitedB. inviting C. to invite D. invited 30.______, he went to ask his teacher for help. A. Knowing not how to do it B. Unknown how to do C. Knowing how to do D. Not knowing how to do it

18 31. It is no use ______ that you didnt know the rules. A. pretendB. to pretend C. pretending D. pretended 32.The building ______is for our teachers. A. has builtB. To be building C. being builtD. to build

19 33. The dictionary ______ on the desk belongs to Li Tao. A. lay B. Laying C. lying D. laid 34.The lady ______an expensive diamond necklace looked ____. A. wearing; worried B. worn; worried C. wears; worrying D. wore; worrying

20 35. We appreciate ______ the problem with you again. A. to discuss B. to be discussing C. discussing D. having discussed 36.The old man needs ______. A. to look after B. looking after C. being looked after D. to be looking after

21 37. I can hardly imagine John ______ across the Atlantic Ocean in five days. A. sail B. to sail C. sailing D. to have sailed 38.Look around when ______ the street. A. you crossing B. to cross C. crossing D. crossed

22 39. Did you see ______ toward us? A. she runningB. she run C. her run D. her running 40.Not until Jane got off the bus did she find her wallet ______. A. missed B. missing C. losingD. lose

23 41. The mother asked her daughter not to delay ______ the paper. A. handing inB. to hand in C. hand in D. having handed in 42.Do you have any trouble ______ out the experiment? A. to carryB. carrying C. with carryingD. carried

24 43. He had a hard time ______ up this morning and had little time_____ breakfast. A. getting; havingB. to get; to have C. getting; to have D. to get; having 44.I couldnt help but ______ her the news, and hearing the news she couldnt help_____. A. tell; cryB. to tell; to cry C. telling; cryingD. tell; crying

25 45. ______ the room, he found many books _____ on the floor. A. Enter; lieB. Entering; laying C. To enter; lying D. Entering;lying 46.He regretted ______ the doctors advice. A. not having followed B. having not followed C. not to follow D. not have followed

26 47. China succeeded in launching a manned spacecraft to space, _____ it the third country in the world that has such technology. A. making B. to make C. made D. make Whats made you so unhappy? -- ____ three tickets to the pop music concert. A. Lost B. losing C. Because of losingD. Since I lost

27 49. The boy used to _____ by his father, and now he is not used to ___ by his father. A. be scolded; be praised B. being scolded; being praised C. be scolded; being praised D. being scolded; be praised 50.There is no need ____ with him. He wont listen to you. A. to argue B. argue C. arguingD. argued

28 51. The bird was lucky enough to miss _____. A. catching B. being caught C. to catch D. to be caught 52.Hes considered ____ a poor teacher and hes considering ____ his job. A. to be; to quit B. being; quitting C. being; to quitD. to be; quitting

29 53. Dont forget _____ English during the summer holidays. A. to practice speaking B. to practice to speak C. practicing speaking D. practicing to speak 54.We were lucky that we just escaped ____ the rain. A. being caught in B. to catch C. to be caught inD. catching

30 55. With all the taps _____, how much water are you wasting a day? A. run B. running C. ran D. runs 56.____ enough preparations, they thought it better to put off the meeting. A. Not having made B. Having not made C. Not making D. Not to have made

31 57. Do you remember _____me somewhere before? meet B. met C. meeting D. meet 58.____ the meeting himself gave them a great deal of encouragement. A. The president will attend B. The president to attend C. The presidents attending D. The president attended That the president will attend

32 59. The lady said she would buy a gift for her daughter with the _____. A. 20 dollar remained B. 20 dollar to remain C. remained 20 dollar D. remaining 20 dollar 60.There was a terrible noise____ the sudden burst of light. A. followed B. following C. to be followed D. being followed

33 61. The candle remains _____ in the wind. A. burnB. burning C. burnt D. burns Why dont we take a little break? -- Didnt we just have____? A. itB. that C. one D. this 63. Few pleasures can equal ____ of a cool drink on a hot day. A. some B. any C. that D. those

34 64. The recorder is better than _____ I bought last year. A. the one B. one C. it D. which 65. The population of Zibo is smaller than____of Beijing. A. oneB. that C. population D. it Do you have my book, Mr. Wang? -- Yes, I have____ right here. A. one B. this C. it D. that

35 67. These pictures are more beautiful than _____ on the wall. A. that B. those C. one D. ones 68. Do you consider____wise to tell him the truth? A. thisB. that C. which D. it 69. I glanced at my watch. ____ was earlier than I thought. A. There B. This C. That D. It

36 70. Well go to the cinema tonight. We must book the tickets in advance. Whod like to do _____ ? A. that C. this D. one 71. ____doesnt make any difference my being there. A. ThatB. Which C. He D. It 72. – Whos knocking at the door? --____. A. This is I B. Its I C. Its me D. This is me

37 73. ____ was December 26, 1893___ Mao Zedong was born in a common village. A. The day; when B.It; that C. It; when D.That; on which 74. ____ was on December 26, 1893___ Mao Zedong was born in a common village. A. The day; when B.It; that C. It; when D.That; on which

38 75. The beggar kept asking money from the others, ____didnt help him out of poverty. A. heB. which C. she D. it 76. The beggar kept asking money from the others, but ____didnt help him out of poverty. A. heB. which C. she D. it

39 77. It was ____discovered the secret first. A. I whoB. me that C. myself that D. myself who 78. I hope there are enough glasses for each guest to have ____. A. it B. those C. them D. one

40 79. – If our parents would listen more to us, they would understand us better. -- ____. They just expect us to listen. A. I believe not.B. No problem C. Good idea D. I cant agree more 80. When I got back home I saw a message pinned to the door ____Sorry to miss you; will call later.. A. read B. reads C. to read D. reading

41 81. – Who takes___ possession of the beautiful big house? --It is in____possession of Mr. Brown. A. a;/B. /;the C. /;/ D. the;the 82. All the peace-loving are against Americas bombing Iraq. They think Bush is lifting a stone ____ it ___ on his own feet. A. only to have; to drop B. having;drop C. having; dropping D. only to have; dropped

42 83. – Excuse me, can you tell me where I can find a supermarket? --I happen to know____nearby. Come on, Ill show you the way. A. someB. it C. that D. one 84. After swimming in the sea, they came out of water and lay on the ____ for a rest. A. bankB. coast C. seaside D. beach

43 85. Terrorism in the world means more deaths and heavier losses and ____ it is our duty to fight against it. A. altogetherB. therefore C. otherwise D. moreover 86. It was ____ she was about to leave for work_____ the telephone rang. A. when; thatB. as; that C. before; then D. when; before

44 87. Swimming in the lake, ____. A. a rock cut Sues foot B. Sues foot was cut C. Sue had her foot cut on a rock D. a rock cut Sue by the foot 88. If you find this English-Chinese dictionary ____, you can have it as your birthday present. A. of usefulB. great useful C. of much use D. much use

45 89. You havent met the requirement in the driving test, ____ you fail in the test. A. in a wordB. in other words C. in my opinion D. in fact 90. I am sorry for ____ you the truth. A. not tellingB. not having been told C. not having told D. not being told 91. It is the ability to do the job____ matters not where you come from or what you are. A. oneB. thatC. what D. it

46 92. I remember theres a train at 6:30, but youd better ____ of it. A. be sureB. make sure C. find out D. look out 93. She is upstairs ____ letters. A. writesB. is writing C. write D. writing 94. Hard work____ success and failure often_____ laziness. A. lies in; leads to B. leads to ; lies in C. lies to; depends on D. depends on; leads to;

47 95. I ____ 25 yuan for the book, which ___ him only 15 yuan. A. took; costB. paid; cost C. cost; spent D. spent ; cost 96. She ____ a Frenchman.She has____ him for three years. A. married with; married with B. married; married C. married to; married with D. married; been married to

48 97. He is the only one of the students who ____ praised at the meeting. A. wasB. were C. has D. have 98. – Christmas is drawing near.Are you going home for the holiday? --I havent decided yet. I____ go home, but it depends on the weather. A. must B. need C. may D. will

49 99. Those books are ____ for you on your tenth birthday. Happy birthday. A. intendedB. wanted C. offered D. supplied 100. – Dont make any noise, ___ you?The baby is sleeping.- --Sorry, Mum. A. wontB. could C. doD. will

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