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Advisory Meeting Tuesday February 19, 2013 (DRAFT DATE: FEB 17)

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1 Advisory Meeting Tuesday February 19, 2013 (DRAFT DATE: FEB 17)

2 Contents 1. Maps and Reports of Tips and Social Media 2. Swift River Social Media Update 3. User Administration Features 4. Mobile App Login and Email Features

3 Maps and Reports Tips and Social Media Dashboard Regional and Local Maps Tip Details and Reports New Data Layers

4 Dashboard

5 Regional and Local Maps Tip Clusters Exploding Points Click to Identify Tip Points Click to Identify Social Media Points Tip Details Photo Lightbox Tip Report List and Filter Tips

6 Tip Clusters

7 Exploding Points


9 Identify Tip Points

10 Identify Social Media


12 Tip Details

13 Photo Light box

14 Tip Report

15 List and Filter Tips

16 Maritime Data Layers Submarine Cables Anchorage Areas Shipping Lanes Commercial Vessel Density Ferry Routes Ferry Terminals

17 Maritime Data Layers: Submarine Cables

18 Maritime Data Layers : Anchorage Areas

19 Maritime Data Layers: Shipping Lanes

20 Maritime Data Layers: Commercial Vessel Density

21 Maritime Data Layers: Ferry Routes

22 Maritime Data Layers: Ferry Terminals

23 SwiftRiver Social Media Update API status/timeline UI status/timeline NLP status/timeline Ushahidi turns 5 this month. Latest version put to test in March in the next Kenyan elections.

24 SwiftRiver API Application Programming Interface (API) is how the Tips app queries the social media drops to display on maps and in reports. The SwiftRiver team has an alpha server ready this week for us to test.

25 SwiftRiver UI The User Interface features in the December video (API) work in conjunction with the API and will also be ready for us to test this week.

26 SwiftRiver NLP After the rollout of the API this month the SwiftRiver team will focus on training the Natural Language Processing algorithm. The process is continuous effort and the team will dedicate their resources on implementing the latest improvements in March. The team is reaching out the community for a computational linguist specialist for assistance in improving the algorithm. The team is in talks with academic partners.

27 Ushahidi Turns 5 The new versions of Ushahidi and SwiftRiver will be used in the March Kenyan elections, 5 years after the elections that gave rise to the platform. Among other things, SwiftRiver will be used to help groups monitor “dangerous speech” by analyzing tweets and blogs that promote the use of violence and misinformation to incite riots.

28 User Administration Types of Users: Trusted Users Tip Viewers Tip Curators SwiftRiver Managers User Administrators System Administrators

29 Add New User Options

30 Mobile App Test login feature. Forgot password? Go to and click “Password help”.

31 Automated Email Automated email sent to tip administrators. Automated email sent to trusted users.

32 Automated Help

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