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2013-2014 Technology Advisory Committee Washington Camp Hunt February 25, 2014.

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1 2013-2014 Technology Advisory Committee Washington Elementary @ Camp Hunt February 25, 2014

2 Thanks to the Voters

3 Tonight’s Agenda Welcome Project Updates Items from October Service Level Agreement Equipment Needs by Staff 36 Month Roadmap Windows in the Classroom Device Bar and Recommendations Adjourn

4 Project Updates

5 Instructional Technology Digital Learning Day Tech Tidbits Evaluating new hardware Document Cameras Interactive Projectors Common Core YouTube

6 School Field Support MSP Software Labs at Washington, Truman, Mason, Meeker Hardware evaluation Kiosks

7 Customer Service Center MSP distributions New laptop/desktop additions, SCCM Deep Freeze replacement Forefront, MS Update configuration to reduce network traffic SCCM Security infrastructure updated to apply FEP definition files

8 Networking Moved Archive Manager email archive to direct attached storage for faster response times Moved LAWPAPP from Marathon to HyperV Lawson\Infor financial application server, huge improvement in supportability moving forward Moved Enclosure 3 to a different rack, leveled out some heating imbalances In process of upgrading that enclosure to include another direct attached MDS (BBOD) Patched MDS 4, which is roughly 16 servers, 102 Hard drives, the SAS switches, the Management Console, and the MDS itself. Having some stability issues with the older firmware Went through a bandwidth crisis Survived Identified MS updates and throttled it

9 Networking We’re very close to removing our last T1 Ted Brown should be moved this week Identified a problem with LTM clients and came up with an emergency response procedure to keep the system running Older FAT clients were querying the application server so much that it would give up Converted FEP updates to our internal SCCM server as well as MS Updates Moved all the rings from one side to a new Core router housed at Jason Lee Huge DR piece, basically, we don’t have all our rings terminating in one room anymore The new Emergency Notification System has been tested twice Wireless Mount Tahoma, Downing, and Jefferson are complete Setup several VMs for MCS dashboard initiatives Turned our large tape library off, we converted most of our backups to disk, which is replicated to our DR

10 PMO Project Snapshot Public Facing Website

11 SISS Report Card Support 2014-2015 Scheduling Data Drop In Sessions

12 Software Services New Benchmark Views New Reports TIP Project

13 From October

14 WHO GETS WHAT? Equipment Requirements

15 Who Gets What Recent and upcoming deployments have raised the question of who gets what Surfaces K-8 Teacher computers

16 Tech Requirements by Job For example Classroom Teacher Laptop Printer Document Camera Projector Dock* Monitor* Smart Board* Audio system* DVD/VCR Tuner

17 Roles & Job Assignments Classroom Teacher Principal/Assistant Principal District Administrator Para-Educator Executive Secretary Office Coordinator Secretary CAB Office Professionals School Office Professionals Average Joe Dean of Students/Instruction Counselor General Office Worker Admin Intern Itinerant Specialists ADA Needs Nurse Nurse Assistant Librarian Bus Driver Custodians Food Service Bldg Security School Resource Officer District Security Evaluation Programs/Pilots Instructional Facilitators Instructional Coach Building Instructional Coach Athletic Coach – Non district employee Athletic Director

18 Equipment Device/Equipment Folio Surface Tablet 4G Cellular Data Connection Laptop Dock w/ monitor Dock with dual monitors Desktop computer w/ monitor Desktop computer w/ dual monitors Oversize monitor(s) Wireless keyboard and mouse Second computer High end desktop High end laptop Smart Board Smart Interactive Projector Document Camera Projector Conference phone Standard phone District Wireless phone Low volume color printer High volume color printer Low volume b/w printer High volume b/w printer Webcam Mobile Smart Board solution Laptop Carts Digital camera Fixed audio enhancement Mobile audio enhancement DVD Player/Tuner TV “Clickers” Touchscreen display Touchscreen monitor Digital signage All in one PC Speakers iPod Touch

19 Plans Revise list as products change Assign actual models to the list Help schools who want to purchase items Help purchasing



22 SLA Survey exercise in October Revisited after October meeting Moving ahead and will publish

23 36 Month Roadmap Classroom Technology

24 36 Month Roadmap IPJ Classroom Printers 2016 K-8 Teacher Laptops IPJ Classroom Printers 2015 K-8 Student Laptops K-8 Teacher Laptops IPJ Classroom Printers Old Laptop Reimage 2014

25 36 Month Roadmap 2015-2016 2014-2015 2013-2014

26 36 Month Roadmap

27 Windows In the Classroom Becky Keene

28 “Device Bar” Review New Devices

29 Considerations Student Technology Skills Create digital content, to demonstrate learning Collaborate electronically Master electronic productivity needed for college and career Communicate via digital media Student self-assess Connect students to data

30 Considerations Smarter Balanced Tests

31 Considerations Technology embedded in the Common Core

32 Considerations ISTE Standards

33 Considerations Non-negotiables and Minimum Requirements Serviceability Battery life Replaceable battery Warranty – 3 year minimum “Kid Proof” “Plays well with others” Life Cycle Realties Build cycle Parts Available quantities

34 Considerations Is this the next Netbook? Is this the next big thing, like the iPad 2-3 years ago? If it lasts half as long and is a third the price do we buy twice in six years, or buy twice as many now? What has changed in the last six years since our previous large quantity computer purchase? Will there be a “I wish I had” moments?




38 THANK YOU Next Meeting May 13, 2014 | 5:30-7:30 First Creek Middle School

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