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DrowningBleeding Traffic accidents Cuts Choking.

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2 DrowningBleeding

3 Traffic accidents

4 Cuts

5 Choking

6 What is First Aid First aid is ___ _______ __ giving _______ ____ to a person before a doctor can be found. the science of medical care Before the doctor comes, what is the most important ?

7 What would you do if drowning took place? If a person has stopped breathing, wed better press a hand on his chest many times, and then use the mouth– to mouth method to start the persons breathing again Check to see if he is breathing

8 What would you do in the situation? Call for a doctor or an ambulance Never pull her out of the car Find enough people to lift the car safely and take her to hospital at once

9 Try to stop the bleeding Hold up the part of body which is bleeding if possible. What would you do when someone is bleeding? Press a handkerchief onto the bleeding point and hold it there.

10 What would you do in the situation? Call 119 first and tell them the exact address on the phone. If someone is badly burnt, we should call 120 to ask for an ambulance.

11 Its done by wrapping ones arms around the victims waist, then making a fist and placing the thumb side of the fist against the victims upper abdomen. Next, one grasps ones fist with the other hand and presses into the upper abdomen with a quick push upwards. What would you do if someone is choked?

12 Go to the hospital at once. Never pull it out of the cut. If the cut is not serious, we can wash the area of cut, dry it and cover it with a piece of dry and clean cloth. What would you do in this situation?

13 Listening Two people have just arrived at the hospital, each with a child. A nurse is asking them questions. 1.Listen to the tape. What happened to each child? Child 1: ____________________________ Child 2: ____________________________ The boy was bitten by a dog. The girl drank some ink.

14 2. Listen to the tape again and answer the questions. Child 1Child 2 When did it happen? Was any first aid given? If so what was done? Yesterday evening About half an hour ago Yes No The father washed the wound, dried it and tied a clean piece of cloth around it.

15 3. Listen to the nurses questions in the first dialogue and write them down. Can _____ _____ _____? Whats _____ _____ _____ _____? What did you do _______ _______ _______ _______? Does _____ _____? Ihelpyou thematterwithit beforebringinghim here ithurt

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