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Freak the Mighty By: Rodman Philbrick QUEST… a search or pursuit made in order to find or obtain something.

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1 Freak the Mighty By: Rodman Philbrick QUEST… a search or pursuit made in order to find or obtain something.

2  You are going on a quest to find out information to help you better understand some key concepts in the novel, Freak the Mighty. The two main characters in the novel are Kevin and Max. Kevin is an extraordinary young man who has a vivid and wild imagination. Together with his friend Max, they explore the fantasy world of King Arthur and the Round Table. Through their quests they battle real and imaginary challenges such as learning disabilities, bullying, and physical disabilities. Together they are able to slay even the biggest of dragons! Come along on this wonderful adventure as you find out more about the world of Kevin and Max!

3  Task You will have the choice of one of five quests in this assignment. Each quest will take you through a new adventure. There are several important issues and themes discussed in this novel. You will work in groups of four to complete research on one of these themes and learn more about it. You will then share your findings through a short presentation to your group. You will save your work for this presentation on the server for Mrs. Oliver to review and score.

4  The Process Choose one of the following themes and complete all activities for each one. You will place each finished product on a slide on your group PowerPoint for your presentation to the rest of your class members. Each member in your group will choose one of the five Quests to complete.

5   Activity 1: Visit the website below and learn about what a coat of arms is. Write a paragraph explaining what it is and what it stands for.  Activity 2: You have started to learn about the coat of arms. Visit the websites below and then write a second paragraph discussing the importance of the colors on a coat of arms and what some of the colors stand for.  Activity 3: Visit the website below and learn more about the symbols found on different coats of arms. Choose ten symbols; then, list them and what they stand for.  Activity 4: Now that you have learned about some of the symbols, pick five symbols that you might represent your school the best. Say what they stand for and why they would represent your school in a well-developed paragraph.  Activity 5: Now that you have learned more about what a coat of arms is you get to put your knowledge to work. Create a coat of arms for Kevin. Show us what Kevin is about and what he represents. Make sure that you write at least a paragraph explaining what you included on your coat of arms and why. Quest #1 Code of Arms

6  Quest #2 Morquio’s Syndrome  Activity 1: One of the recurring themes from the novel Freak the Mighty, by Rodman Philbrick, is how people can overcome challenges. Freak, has a physical disability, Morquio’s Syndrome, but lives his life to the fullest. What is Morquio’s Syndrome? Take a look at the following websites and make a list of symptoms and complications for this syndrome.   Activity 2: What are the causes of Morquio’s Syndrome? Is there a way to avoid transferring the disease from parent to child? Write at least one well-developed paragraph about your findings 

7 Activity 3: Take a look at this website for children with chronic illnesses and the types of things they do to overcome what they’ve been through. How would you feel if you were in their shoes? Write a paragraph about your findings. The paragraph should be about children and how they’ve overcome or dealt with their illnesses. Activity 4: Throughout the book, Kevin goes into the medical research building for treatment. What types of treatments are there for children with Morquio’s Syndrome? (MPS IV) How long do the treatments last? Check out these websites for some answers. dam_720667ac7833df3595719ee020ad0f12&section=Summary dam_720667ac7833df3595719ee020ad0f12&section=Summary Make a table of available treatments and how long each treatment lasts.

8 Activity 5: What types of support systems are out there for families who have children with Morquio’s Syndrome. What types of things do these support systems do? Make a list of support systems and what each support system does. documentid=100107432 at=search documentid=100107432 at=search

9   Activity 1: One of the recurring themes from the novel Freak the Mighty, by Rodman Philbrick, is how people can overcome challenges. The main character, Max, has a learning disability, but writes his own novel. What exactly is a learning disability?  Activity 2: Everyone knows it’s wrong to tease another because of his/her race, religion or culture. So, why is it ok to call someone “retarded” or make fun of the way a person moves? Visit the following sites to learn about how some students feel about having a learning disability. What did you learn by visiting these web pages? Write two well-developed paragraphs about your findings. The first one should answer the question at the beginning of the activity, the second one should be a reflection of what you learned. Quest #3 Learning Disabilities

10 Activity 3: People with learning disabilities often need some assistance. Explain the different types of learning disabilities and how they might affect people. ngDisabilities.htm Write two well-developed paragraphs about the different types of learning disabilities. Activity 4: Explain what can be done to compensate for any of these disabilities. How would a handicapped person’s life be different if they had outside intervention? Write a one paragraph essay of explanation.

11  Quest #4 Bullying Activity 1: Bullying is a major issue that is tackled within this novel. What is your definition of bullying? List four examples of bullying from any novel. List the title of the novel and describe what happened. Activity 2: Go to the following websites on bullying. Tell me in a well- developed paragraph what bullying is, why kids bully others, and signs that someone may be a bully.

12 Activity 3: Freak handled bullies in his own unique way, but not everybody is good at handling bullies. What are the consequences of bullying? Write two well-developed paragraph on the consequences of bullying. Focus one paragraph on the bully and the other paragraph on the victim. Activity 4: We are all victims of bullying at one point or another. What can you do if you are bullied or if you witness bullying? Go to the following website to find the answers. Tell me at least 10 things you can do to stop bullying.

13 Activity 5: Now that you have researched bullying, looked at how it affects others, and learned ways to handle it, pretend that you are a Guidance Counselor and create an informational flyer about it. Your flyer needs to contain the following information: You may use either Microsoft Word or Publisher. ~~~the definition of bullying ~~~effects of bullying ~~~ways to handle bullying ~~~at lease three websites with short descriptions on why the sites are worth visiting. ~~~appropriate graphics

14  Activity 1: Kevin showed a great interest in King Arthur. Go to the website below and learn more about him. When you have finished, write a summary of King Arthur, who he was, and what he did. Activity 2: Go to this website and learn about the Code of Chivalry. Write a second paragraph explaining what it is to help your classmates understand it. Activity 3: Read about the virtues listed in the Code of Chivalry at the website below. What is a virtue? Define it, then pick five virtues from the list and give an example from the book where these virtues were displayed. Quest #5 Code of Chivalry

15 Activity 4: After learning more about the Code of Chivalry, make a list of at least 4-5 people who would be at your own personal round table and why. Activity 5: The knights were said to wear an emblem. Learn about the emblem at the website below; then, draw an emblem for you and the knights of your round table. Explain what each piece of the emblem represents.

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